Making Money From DayZ Servers with Hosting Guide

Making money from your DayZ server is quite important, finding the best DayZ server hosting, community and more is an important aspect of making money from it.

Money is the key to making your server successful, especially with DayZ server hosting is quite expensive.

Finding The Best DayZ Server Hosting Provider

As mentioned above, finding the right DayZ server hosting provider is quite important. Not only do you need the cheapest option during the first couple of months during the lack of players.

You also want peak performance while not spending large amounts of money, unless you have a huge budget for advertising.

You’ll also want to find a great game server control panel, many use TCAdmin or XenoPanel, but some like Survival Servers, who built their own control panel. SurvivalServers and GameServers have both dedicated themself to game hosting, you can see this in our SurvivalServers review.

Teamspeak and Discord Server Hosting

A major element of making a successful DayZ server and an indication of a brilliant setup server is a Teamspeak or Discord server dedicated for that server.

Your players can communicate easily through a server Discord or Teamspeak group. You can also brand it to make sure they know it’s your server’s own, which helps with your marketing.


Performance Is a Must

Performance leads to player retention, if your server is slow then players will likely not return to it due to frustration. Although looking at the best Minecraft server hosting providers that host 2b2T shows the significant amount of lags.

Make sure you choose the best game hosting provider based on performance to ensure this.

Basing Your Server On A Already Great Server

Looking at the best DayZ server is really where you want to start, basing your own server on something great and then making it better and as a player, you should be able to spot what is wrong with that server.

So if that’s player experiences like the map and mods or performance to the hardness of the map and game, you should base these all at a level of something already great, and improve on that.