Best Hytale Server Hosting

Best Hytale Server Hosting

Starting from $0.90 per slot
Look at our Best Hytale Server Hosting List, we've reviewed nearly 100 different hosting providers worldwide we've sorted them by performance, price and customer support to find the best hosting provider.

Best Hytale Server Host

$4.23 Per GB


No.2 Best Hytale Server Hosting Provider

$2.99 Per GB


No.3 Best Hytale Server Hosting Provider

$4.81 Per GB


As Hytale is new, finding the best Hytale server hosting isn’t too easy. But, with it’s rapidly increasing popularity due to its similar functionality to Minecraft, it won’t be very soon.

It was built behind the team of famous server ‘Hypixel’, they took what they knew from developing the worlds best server and turned it into a fully functional game.

Best Hytale Server Hosting

When looking for the best Hytale server hosting providers, you’ll be looking for cheapness or have a large budget and want a very fast server for a large number of players. If you want the cheapest Hytale server hosting, we mention this below.

As normal, SurvivalServers are sitting on our No.1 position for the Best Hytale server hosting, Survival Servers has the best overall score for a hosting provider. From the custom control panel to it’s blazing fast server hardware, Survival Servers outperforms most providers in most areas.

You can take a look at how much our top rated host for Hytale dedicates themselves to games in our Survival Servers review.

Survival Servers also has a plethora of games and server locations which allow you to choose whichever game while having brilliant performance.

Cheap Hytale Server Hosting

As mentioned above, some might be looking for the cheapest Hytale server hosting option, PingPerfect and BisectHosting are currently matching in this position, Although, BisectHosting are offering this option slightly lower than that of PingPerfect.

PingPerfect is quite the bit better in terms of being a hosting provider, however, BisectHosting outweighs PingPerfect in terms of price for this game.

BisectHosting is still rated fairly high in our overall hosting reviews guide but not compared to PingPerfect. PingPerfect has a wide range of features that outweigh BisectHosting. And PingPercet is constantly updating each service and always on top of updates.

Although, if you want to save a dollar or two a month, choose BisectHosting. But, we’d personally recommend you go with PingPerfect in terms of cheapness.

How We Choose The Best Hytale Server Hosting

If you’ve read some of our other sections you’ll have familiarised yourself with our criteria listing. With every host we apply a criteria and then apply it to the game.

Here is a list of our criteria:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Modifications & Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

We also include promotions and coupons, but these don’t reflect a quality of a host, but we still include them. All of these are factors what we look at when choosing the best game server hosting provider for a certain game.

Features for The Best Hytale Server Hosting

You need to pay attention to features a host has to offer. Usually, most hosts will have the same features it’s just if they perform in these features.

Things like DDoS Protection, security, server hardware, automated setup and automated mod-pack installs, control panel/custom control panel and some more features we’ll mention.

All of the hosts mentioned, PingPerfect, SurvivalServers and BisectHosting all have DDoS Protection, SurvivalServers also has a very powerful DDoS protection system in their data centres, so be assured that all of these hosts have DDoS protection.

Security really links in with DDoS protection, most hosts, unfortunately, don’t have two-factor authentication, maybe this is something that hosts will add in the future.

For each host, SurvivalServers by far has the superior server hardware followed by PingPerfect and BisectHosting coming last out of the three.

Instant server setup is quite important for those who want their server quickly, which most want to quickly set-up and mod their server. SurvivalServers, PingPerfect and Bisect all have instant setup, which is all positive.

Mods & Plugins on the Best Hytale Server Hosting

As mentioned, Hypixel’s main goal for Hytale was an easily modded version of Minecraft. Mods and plugins are easy on Hytale and endless. 

These control panels all have features that allow you to easily install these mods.

Due to the game being fairly new, these hosting providers might not have the mod-packs installed. All of them offer you to contact them for them to add the required mods to their directory.