Best Space Engineers Server Hosting Providers

Look at our best Space Engineers server host List, we've reviewed nearly 100 different hosting providers worldwide we've sorted them by performance, price and customer support to find the best hosting provider.

List of Top Space Engineers Server Hosts

Plan Slots: 40







  • • SSD Storage
  • • Wiki + Forum
  • • 15+ Locations
  • • Instant Upgrades


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • EU & US Locations
  • • NVM SSD Storage
  • • 24/7 Support


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • Free Web Hosting
  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Ultra-fast Processors


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Custom Panel
  • • 20+ Locations


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • SSD Storage
  • • 15+ Locations
  • • Established 2009


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • Highest TrustPilot Rating
  • • Price Match Guarantee
  • • Leading Server Hardware


Per MonthPer Slot
✅ Category✅ Game Hosting Company
🏆  Best US Space Engineer HostingGameServers
🎖️  Best Hardware Space Engineer HostingServerBlend
✨  Best Customer ServiceHostHavoc
💨 Best Speed / Ping HostingPingPerfect
🕹️ Best Variety of GamesGTXGaming
🔒 Best Security Ark

When finding the best Space Engineers server host, you need to look out for a couple aspects. When Keen Software developed Space Engineers they focussed on the multiplayer version and ensured that there was plenty of features to play with your friends. Read more below an above to see the best Space Engineers host and hosting!

The cheapest and best overall server has been listed as no.1 on our guide, make sure to come back and find the latest prices on server hosting for Space engineers. 

Best Space Engineers Server Host 

When it comes to the best space engineers server hosting, there’s multiple things you might want to look for price, performance, customer support, control panel or server locations. We look at all these things when reviewing the best space engineers server hosting providers. 

Here is a list of the best Space Engineers Host, and hosting 2020, be assured that Survival Servers is the top of our hosting provider List;

  • Host Havoc
  • RoxServers
  • PingPerfect
  • GameServers
  • GTX Gaming

In terms of the best Space Engineers server host, ServerBlend out performs any host with their custom control panel and brilliant prices, also have a wide range of games available. 

Unfortunately, hosting providers don’t have any live data so we can’t automate anything so we’re constantly updating prices, performance tests and all the other features you might want!

Finding The Best Space Engineers Server Host and Hosting?

Firstly, it really depends upon what you want from a game hosting provider, if that’s the price, performance, customer support or the control panel ease of use. We have listed all the benefits of these hosting providers.

If you want a more detailed overview of the hosting providers, look at their associated reviews for a detailed look and to make sure you have everything considered. 

Server hosting sites must meet a certain key performance area, these areas are as follows: 

  • Price 
  • Value for money
  • Customer Support
  • Control panel
  • Performance
  • Server locations
  • Mods & Plugins
  • Support times 

If a server meets all these criterias then they’ll be ranked accordingly, make sure you find the best server host for you! 

Configuring your Space Engineers Server Hosting Settings

Most hosting providers will have TCAdmin, or some like SurvvialServers and GameServers have custom-built control panels to ensure that you’re playing more than you’re setting up the server, making things less complicated.

One thing to configure is the world border size, since space is so large, and space engineers don’t have a limit. This is to reduce lag and ensure all your players have a good experience. 

Make sure to choose your hosting provider carefully for space engineers and ensure that the hosting provider has a suitable control panel.

Modding on your Space Engineer Server Host

Space Engineers is a game of plenty of mods. Many space engineer hosts install and manage mods on their servers and this is a popular feature of the game, and you should ensure that you can easily install mods, like on Host Havoc. 

Most hosting providers will have an FTP access so you can easily have fun with all the mods available. 

Conclusion of the Best Space Engineers Host

Overall, Survival Servers and Host Havoc are excellent hosting providers that provide great service for you and your server players.

With normal servers, you’ll be able to easily player with anywhere between 1o-40 players, and if you’re looking for more, dedicated servers are a must for heavy loads of 50+ players.

And there’s always and option for you and your server providers.