Fragnet Review


In our Fragnet review, including Fragnet reviews from customers and everything Fragnet has to offer from server locations to the quality of the customer service.

We discuss everything about Fragnet and what people are saying about Fragnet. Make sure that every host is reliable, secure and offers a good service.

Fragnet Review

We personally tested Fragnet and it services on Minecraft hosting and compared it to the best minecraft server hosting providers, they have some features that definitely stand out. It also comes across cheaply in some sections and some of the ‘best’ sections throughout our website.

Fragnet is a Sweden based company and motos itself as ‘Built for gamers’ – Their datacentre infrastructure notes over 30 locations, assured that the performance and reliability are increased due to this large amount of locations.

Their control panel is specially built for game hosting and allows you to change whatever you need, mod-packs, maps or reinstall the server files.

Support is generally fast, however, reviews from customers have suggested the opposite. Fragnet says they gave 24/7 support but we’re yet to test this feature.

Fragnet also include an array of features we’ll mention down below.

Games Available at Fragnet

As for games on Fragnet, Fragnet offers a decent number of games from Ark: Survival Evolved to Garry’s Mod. At a decent rate, for example, their Minecraft package starts at $10.60 which is fairly decent compared to the best game server hosting providers.

And they even offer games like Farming Simulator and Hurtworld at decent prices, so at Fragnet you’ll likely have the game you’re looking for.

But, here is a list of the most featured games on Fragnet: 

  • Ark: Survival Evolved 
  • Minecraft
  • Conan Exiles
  • 7 Days To Die
  • DayZ Standalone
  • ARMA 3
  • Terraria
  • Unturned
  • Rust
  • Team Fortress 2

They have more games available, but, here is a list of the most important ones. Be sure to check out their full list at Fragnet.

Payment Methods Fragnet

Looking at Payment methods on Fragnet, this game hosting provider provides an array of methods. Here is a list of the eWallets, cryptocurrencies and debit/credit cards they offer: 

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • HiPay
  • paysafeCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer/cheque
  • Stripe

With this huge amount of payment methods available you’ll unlikely not be able to pay for a server at Fragnet. For a host to provide Bitcoin is generally rare.

Fragnet Control Panel

Fragnet uses a custom-built control panel specifically designed to customise your game server with their unique panel. It’s overall a decent control panel, near the level of Survival Servers control panel. 

This panel is included in all game server hosting purchases along with other features. 

Notable Features at Fragnet

Features you’ll want to look out for are automated set-ups, control panel usability, low pings, money-back guarantee, other features included like free voice servers.

Looking at Fragnet, they include an array of features such as instant setup, a free voice server, low ping networks, money-back guarantee, control panel usability. 

All of these are included within your purchase, they also have 24/7 monitoring of the servers to ensure they can fix any problems as soon as it arises. 

Fragnet Reviews From Customers

Jeremy, K: Best RSP game server Battlefield I ever saw. Fantastic support for dedicated server games, Now we have the most competitive servers we could afford only, only i9 9900K = hardcore:D LAGS? No, 64 120Hz players.

Dickinson, Crai: Fragnet must be one of the best hosting companies (if not the best) I’ve used. This was mostly because I fed up with other servers just collapsing that I wanted to run my own Rust server. I have no experience at all while running a server and felt, “It can’t surely be that difficult.” In reality it is, I would always struggle to instal my Command Line and not even a server if this wasn’t for the excellent assistance I got from the Fragnet support team.

Carl Narra: For 6 months now, I have been using Fragnet so I feel I can give this service an honest, well-educated review. I rented a rust server through Fragnet and went through the pains of a modded server that were expectant. The support is fantastic! That’s when they come to it, though. Sometimes you have to answer a ticket for hours. I understand that Fragnet is European-based but pledge 24/7, which proves false if I seem to be most in need of a rapid response. My server is blocking the players as I am forced to wait, and all that I can tell the faithful is that I’m waiting for a patch.

Ghaz Arrmar: Literally every day, my game server was attacked. They didn’t do anything, just ignored my emails and support tickets. Charged, but got nothing in return.

Server Locations 

As for server locations, Fragnet offers a wide range of locations in pretty much every single continent bar Africa. Here is a list of all the server locations they offer:

  • North America, Los Angeles
  • North America, Dallas
  • North America, Chicago
  • North America, Atlanta
  • North America, Buffalo
  • North America, Ashburn
  • North America, New York
  • South America, Sao Pablo 
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Europe, London
  • Europe, Frankfurt
  • East Asia, Tokyo 
  • East Asia, Hong Kong
  • West Asia, Singapore 
  • Oceania, Sydney 

With all these locations, be assured that wherever your players are they’ll get a decent level of performance based on what package and which server you’re based on.

With list is on par with the best game server hosting providers around today.