McProHosting Review

McProHosting Review

Today in our McProHosting Review, we’ll be looking at an overall unbiased review of McProHosting as well as customer reviews of McProHosting. Games, payment methods, mods and plugins, control panel and much more are also included.

McProHosting directly specializes in the best Minecraft server hosting, however, it also offers games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust. You’ll likely be wanting to host a Minecraft server from them so we’ll be directly looking at the experience from a Minecraft server.

McProHosting Review 2020

As McProHosting was founded in 2011, it’s had some time to mature as a game server hosting provider.

Looking at customer service, they offer ‘tickets’, live chat options as well as email and also include a phone line in certain conditions.

We also take a look at McProHosting server’s downtime from DDoS Protection, as they offer free DDoS protection on their packages. 

As for server specifications, which we’ll discuss further below, has some decent specifications when playing your game server, but Host Havoc and have some very impressive specifications compared to McProHosting.

It also has one of the widest ranges of server locations compared to other game servers. They range from North America to Hong Kong, be assured that your server will perform well based on what package you’ve selected.

McProHosting also has a wide range of payment methods available, as we’ll mention below.

McProHosting Downtime, DDoS Protection

Many customers and in our own experience we noticed that McProHosting’s DDoS protection isn’t great, and nodes would go offline for hours at a time, sometimes even days. And it’s a fairly common occurrence, as for downtime for McProHosting, it’s substantial. 

When setting up a server with McProHosting, we saw our server go offline for 48 hours at one point over the 1-month period we take out a Minecraft server. 

Games Available at McProHosting

As mentioned above,  McProHosting offers a wide range of games to many surprises. They even offer dedicated servers for web hosting or for your own server. In our McProHosting review, we mention games across different server platforms, however, McProHosting is vastly popular in the Minecraft hosting world. 

Here is a list of all the games available at McProHosting:

  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Starbound
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Rust
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Factorio
  • Hytale
  • CS:GO
  • Conan: Exiles

McProHosting is really hitting the nail on the head, although it’s not the widest range of games available from game hosting providers most of these games are going to fulfil most requirements.

For the games that McProHosting has available it’s providing good quality, however, sometimes the support can be a bit on and off, so it’s best to stick with Minecraft for this hosting provider. 

McProHosting Mods & Plugins

As for McProHosting modifications and plugins usage, the control panel has built-in ‘One-click’ installs. Although, if they don’t have the mod-pack you wish to install, you can contact them and they’ll install it and add it to their directory on the control panel.

So, if you’re wanting mods and plugins on your server, McProHosting will have this in-hand, however, the best game server hosting providers like and Host Havoc have custom control panels with mod-pack APIs installed so it’s unlikely that you’ll find a mod-pack that isn’t on them.

Available Payment Methods

McProHosting has a wide range of payment methods compared to other hosts, looking at their service page you can pay with multiple different payment methods like Visa, credit cards and eWallets.

Here is a list of Available payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Paysafe (Limited countries)
  • Discover Card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

So most will have one of these, so if you’re looking for a game server, check out McProHosting.

Server Specifications and Performance Reviewed

One of the most important things people want to know is a game hosts performance when hosting a server. We took an in-depth look at McProHosting and graded the performance. They generally performed well in this criteria.

Their current specifications sit at Dual E5-2600 Series CPUs, ‘Blazing fast SSDs’, 1 Gbps network line as well as ‘Enterprise-class Linux.’ All these specifications are decent as should perform very well at non-peak times.

Generally though, if you’re looking for a game server for you and your friends this will be fine, unless you have 100 friends playing.

McProHosting Reviews from Customers

Slacklez: Given that I have had previous problems with MCProHosting and sluggish responses in the ticket service up to 27 + hours, I just host my friends ‘tiny server, so this is not an enormous issue. Since March, I never had my server go down.

Cryillion: For smaller servers, I’d suggest MCPH. Many people here will use tiny servers to applaud them. But “they have all your files removed and we can’t get back, sorry” plans for bigger servers will just not work. Normally I wouldn’t hold them to account, if not once, then twice.

Master-Sergant: If i were to review McProHosting, seriously, don’t go with Minecraft-specific hosts if you want to host a server with some real player base. Get a regular server and set up yourself somewhere, took over 47-hours to reply to me.

Kyle Sprink: For a year and a half (since all Youtuber hype before), I have been with MCProHosting. No issues. Downtime is uncommon and limited, no FTP server is washing, support has always supported. I can’t speak for others, clearly, but I’ve had a great experience.  

User FateTaker:  SCAMMERS! They lie and you will sell an untested broken server containing outdated mods. I run Bad Wolves Gaming, a big international gaming community. We had a mod package compiled by our dozen members for compatibility. We have bought one of the top-ranking gaming packages on such a server and it took McProHosting 2 weeks to launch our server and loading it with obsolete mods or backward errors from day one. Unplayable 5 to 10 minutes until total failure. McPro will blame you for choosing the update, but will not even install and patch the right modifications. Request reimbursement and never got even though the delivery time was well over.

Eric F: This last 30 days several down periods  Disabled account for non-payment despite paying the invoice  Billing ticket response time > 24 hours response time  “Customer Service Credits” order

Jacob Warden: My Minecraft server has been down for over 2 days and I have been asking for support many times but I have received only one response that was not helpful.