Best Contagion Server Hosting

Look at our best Contagion server hosting list, we've reviewed nearly 100 different hosting providers worldwide we've sorted them by performance, price and customer support to find the game best hosting provider for Contagion.

Best Contagion Server Hosting




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Are you on the lookout for a contagion server that is high-performing?  Contagion is a popular game due to it’s server-aspect, and if you’re wanting your own server, take a look at these best Contagion server hosting providers.

We will be discussing a couple of Contagion server hosts today to help you pick the one that suits you best.

All the game hosting providers for Contagion listed below are rated excellent on customer reviews, package slots, custom support, and performance, resulting in the perfect Contagion server.

Best Contagion Server Hosting

Here are the best Contagion server hosting providers, with GameServers at the top followed by PingPerfect: 

  • GameServers
  • PingPerfect
  • Streamline Servers
  • Zap Hosting
  • RoxServers

All of these Contagion hosts provide an amazing experience throughout customization to playing on the actual server with friends.

The best Contagion server host is by far GameServers, which has designed its own custom control panel and has hundreds of server locations worldwide due to it’s connection to a popular web hosting service.

Determining the Best Contagion Server Host

Undoubtedly, with hundreds of Contagion hosts, it is almost near to impossible to see which one is the best.

One indication is the similarity of Contagion to DayZ, so the best DayZ Server host will likely have a connection to the best Contagion server host.

We have done all the homework for you by testing over 100 hosting providers to ensure you get a lifetime experience.

After testing so many game server hosts, we have come up with winning criteria. To be listed as the best Contagion server hosting provider, they must meet these criteria.

Below is a list of features the best Contagion host should have: 

  • Value for money: It is suggested not to look at the price too much. You need to see how much value for money it is providing. A very expensive server can also give you a very cheap experience. Hence, see the price, look at the features, and then decide if it is worth it.
  • Excellent specs
  • Server locations
  • Mod
  • Control panel.
  • Memory
  • Security
  • Control panel interface
  • DDoS protection

With all of those, here are some of the criteria the best Contagion server host will need to be listed above.

Features of the Best Contagion Server Hosts

Apart from the features which any server host should have, there is one thing which is very important and mostly overlooked:  a highly trained technical support team.

Many times, when you have any problem, the server host website takes ages to reply.

But, for a server host to be considered the best for Contagion, be sure to check how quickly the tech team answers a ticket. For example, in the case of PingePerfect, it takes at the max 20 minutes to answer a ticket.

Other features to look out for are as follows:

  • Hardware: Be sure to research whether the Contagion host server has updated hardware. This is very important for an excellent gaming experience. Only when you invest in good hardware, you can host a number of games, resulting in the best performance for the user.
  • Server location: A good contagion server host that is operating globally or in a large number of countries will give you a better gaming experience. How many times have you been unable to play properly because of network lag or a slow connection? This has been addressed by the best Contagion server hosts as they give you a recommendation based on your location.
  • Modding: Sure, Contagion already is a phenomenal game. But, who doesn’t like modifications? See whether the game host allows you mods or if it does, to what extent?
  • Graphics: What is the fun of playing a game with poor graphics? This is sure a bummer. So, make sure the quality of the game is high!
  • Console Management: There are some Contagion hosts that allow you to shift your server to your gaming console or PC or Xbox. Keep an eye out for such servers.

Contagion Server Host Reviews

How can you be sure of all this without testing the server first?

If you don’t want to waste your time and money, customer reviews are something to check.

Customers of GameServers or any Contagion server host always leave reviews, sometimes negative and sometimes positive. So for example, Zap Hosting is rated 9.1/10 on Trustpilot. You can look here for both GameServers reviews and our own review.

You can gain first-hand experience by reading these reviews. Look at both the positive and the negatives and then decide what to do.

How Do I Set Up a Contagion Server? 

The best thing about Contagion host servers is that it takes a minute to get running. Yes, it is ready to play only after a few minutes or less.

Previously, it would take hours or even days for a game hosting provider to set up your server after payment, nowadays all servers are up almost instantly.

The hosting server checks for updates on the game every few minutes. If there is some update on the game available, you will be informed ASAP via the control panel.

Hence, renting an excellent game server for Contagion is a wise decision.

Roundup: The Best Contagion Server Hosting

No doubt, Contagion is one of the most played and loved game by the gaming fraternity. Hence, finding the PERFECT server to play it is very important, and here you can find the best host for Contagion, so you can either play with friends or maybe even advertise your server to Contagion players.

The fact that it has been in the market since 2014 means that many Contagion hosts are already offering it. There is tough competition in the market.

But, if you keep in mind the information provided in this list, you are good to go.