Game Server Control Panel

Best and Cheap Game Server Hosting Control Panels

One of the most important aspects of the best game server hosting provider is its control panel, providers like SurvivalServers have created their own Game server control panel to be a lot easier than usual. There are quite a hew control panels out there, TCAdmin, XenoPanel, Pterodactyl.

We hope this guide to the best game server control panel around today helps you. This guide also will help people renting dedicated servers for the use of game server hosting.

Why Do I Need A Control Panel?

In the last 20 years, control panels have come a long way, usually, nowadays you’ll find these features based on control panels:

  • Automatic update of both mods
  • Automated Server installation
  • Automated backup
  • Statistics, logs and other usage information
  • Ease of use, managing players and other settings

Some game hosting control panels have very advanced functions like moving your server location within the control panel like advanced control panel which was custom built from the ground up.

The server panel software is automatically installed onto a dedicated server space that you’ve rented, which takes about 15 minutes to fully set up, sometimes it can be instant. Once you paid your bill and the trigger has been set off it does this automatically. Usually, you’ll have an email sent to the email address you choose with information regarding your server.

Some control panels automatically update your mods/plugins.

Best Server Control Panel

While there are at least five alternatives to TCAdmin, TCAdmin still remains the king of the control panel scene, it has plenty of features to meet the price, although it’s quite pricey. You can find very good alternatives that are cheaper, look below for alternatives.

We’d recommend you try them all before choosing, but, TCAdmin is generally the best if you are looking for the best without a limited budget. Usually, hosting providers will have TCAdmin pre-installed, check our reviews or further information on their website.

TCAdmin Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to TCAdmin there’s plenty of alternative game hosting control panels available on the market. Here are the main alternatives to TCAdmin:

  • GSP-Panel
  • XenoPanel
  • Pterodactyl
  • Multicraft

Multicraft is for the use of Minecraft game server hosting, but the other three are for all different times of game server hosting.

GSP-Panel: GSP is cheaper than TCAdmin but more expensive than Xenopanel. GSP-Panel as a control panel has plenty of features you’ll need some hosting a server. On their website, they have a ‘Wikipedia’ page to help you get through the panel without any troubles.

The panel has ‘One-click updates’ for any updates from mods or plugins developers. This can help save time due to the time it might take to update your server, you can schedule the time it updates also.

XenoPanel: This game server control panel is very hand, almost three times less expensive than TCAdmin and can get it free if you’re usually it ‘personally’ (Below 3 servers.)

Xenopanel doesn’t lack features either, the list of features goes on. This panel has support for a wide range of games. Xenopanel can allow hosting providers to quickly launch and offer a wide range of games.

Most users of TCAdmin admit to its complicated design, Xenopanel is very simple and easy to use which helps self-troubleshooting and halts errors.  A feature that also stood out to us is the Minecraft end of things when installing mods or plugins the ease of use is very simple and stops hours of stressful work. The panel allows you to easily manage your server, especially that of Minecraft.

Custom Made Control Panels

Some game server hosting providers have already built their own game hosting providers to reduce long-term cost, security and easily adapting to market trends.

Looking at Survival Servers review, they’ve designed their own control panel which is fairly advanced and much better than some control panels available on the market.

If you’re looking from the perspective of a game hosting company, the downside is short-term expenses, the cost of designing, creating etc a control panel is costly, but in the long-term, you’ll save, especially if you’re planning on offering a wide range of services to a wide range of players.

Custom-built control panels can be attractive to new-time buyers, some will have their own support time, live chat and support systems available on the control panel.

Free To Use Server Control Panel

The best free server control panel is easily Pterodactyl, yet for personal use, Xenopanel is strongly competing. Pterodactyl is great for those who want to set up a server on a VPS or dedicated server for themselves or to play with friends.

We’d recommend you try both Pterodactyl and XenoPanel

Which Control Panel Would You Recommend?

At the end of the day, it’s what you want from a control panel. If you’re running a large server with an active player base of 50+ you’ll want TCAdmin, like GGServer’s panel, due to its experience and advanced functions. But for personal use, you and your friends, we’d recommend you use Pterodactyl or XenoPanel. For Minecraft server hosting we strongly recommend you use Multicraft, it’s easy to use, allows full FTP access, automatic plugin download and much more.

Most control panels come down to which game your hosting and what you’re doing with that server.