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These games have found their way to our ‘top games’ section by consistently being viewed by our readers, not only are they popular, everyone loves these games. Hosting a server is the next step into being a game lover! We only feature the best game server hosting companies available today, we hope our website helps you find the perfect hosting provider!

Best Game Server Hosting 2022

Survival Servers Hosting
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✅ Category✅ Game Hosting Company
🏆 Best Game Hosting BrandSurvival Servers
🎰 Best Minecraft HostingServerblend
🥇 Best Customer ServiceHostHavoc
🎁 Best Speed / Ping HostingPingPerfect
🌍 Best Variety of GamesGTXGaming
💸 Best Security and DDoS

Best Game Hosting

Best Game Hosting is the go-to place for all things game server hosting. We compare and help you find the best game hosting providers worldwide. We help our readers with what they want and when, we do this by working with the hosting providers to reduce the price and give our readers exclusive coupons to help reduce the price, giving your value for money. We include SurvivalServers, DatHost,, Host Havoc, Zap Hosting, Ping Perfect and Hosthorde. We’ve reviewed and investigated more than 200 hosting providers worldwide on over 220 games.

Once a website stands out, at Best Game Hosting we make sure you know, our company makes sure we provide you with an unbiased review of that game hosting provider. Many sites offering comparisons are unbiased and profit centric, however, we look at all options and point out a negative, you’ll eventually find the perfect host for you. 

Best Game Hosting provides our readers with the best game server hosting, from to Host Havoc. Host Havoc especially stands out when it comes to the best game host. provides a great hosting option when it comes to CS:GO and Space Engineers.

Find and Compare The Best Game Server Hosting Providers

If you’re wanting to find the best game server hosting provider, we constantly maintain our comprehensive lists on each section, make sure you’re always looking at our constantly updated section for the best priced game hosting provider.

Some of the more expensive options are Survival Servers or GameServers, which both have 15+ server locations and a wide range of games. Other options like Host Havoc or PingPerfect come out a cheap, but also the least comprising when it comes to choosing a game hosting provider.

Read more about Project Zomboid Server Hosts available right now. 

You’ll also find that more expensive providers have better control panels which mean you can customise your website more easily. Both Survival Servers and GameServers have built their own control panels, which are beyond that of Multi-craft and TCAdmin.

Why The Best Game Hosting?

Like all things, you need the best for your money, finding the best game server hosting is vital to generating money from your server and giving your players the best experience on the server.

Here is the list of the best game server hosting providers in 2022, with Survival Servers at the top: 

  • Survival Servers
  • ServerBlend
  • Host Havoc
  • PingPerfect
  • GameServers
  • ServerMiner
  • RoxServers

All of these game hosting providers are game hosting focussed and solely focus on game hosting, whereas, most reviewed on the internet are web hosting and other types of other hosting rather than game hosting.

How We Determine The Best Game Server Hosting

Most results found online are that of unbiased and corrupt listings with only profit in-mind. As a website we hold ourself as the most unbiased comparison and review website online, if you’ve had a bad or good experience with any host please contact us. 

We have made our own guidelines to test & review different game hosting companies which makes a fair test to all hosting providers. Our test needs to met these criteria: 

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Modifications & Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

All of these must be met on some level by the host, all reviews discuss these in great detail on our ‘reviews page.’ We recommend before going with a certain provider you checkout our review and customer reviews which are attached to the page. 

Want Us To Review Your Game Server Hosting Provider?

It’s quite easy, all you need to do is contact us, we review and investigate the site and give our honest opinion based on our key areas. Visit the following page and fill in your details, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and review your hosting provider!

If you've read some of our other hosting reviews, you'll find out that we have a criteria you'll need to compete in to become the best game hosting provider.