Best Conan Exiles Server Host

You’ve come to the right place, this time not a barbaric wasteland known as Conan: Exiles. Obviously below you can find a comparison between all the Conan: Exiles server hosting companies available.

And, with this barbaric wasteland, we have listed the best game hosting companies that have listed Conan: Exiles server rental and plenty of information to make sure you know everything you should about all the game hosting providers with Conan: Exiles hosting. Be sure to check out our comparison table with listed features, prices, package price, logo and other important features like control panel, mod support and even their customer support quality.

Best Conan Exiles Server Host

Plan Slots: 50







  • • EU & US Locations
  • • NVM SSD Storage
  • • 24/7 Support


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • SSD Storage
  • • Wiki + Forum
  • • 15+ Locations
  • • Instant Upgrades


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  • • Free Web Hosting
  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Ultra-fast Processors


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Custom Panel
  • • 20+ Locations


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  • • Highest TrustPilot Rating
  • • Price Match Guarantee
  • • Leading Server Hardware


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✅ Category✅ Game Hosting Company
🏆 Best Game Hosting BrandSurvival Servers
🎖️ Best Overall Conan Exiles HostingServerblend
✨ Best Customer ServiceHostHavoc
💨 Best Speed / Ping HostingPingPerfect
🕹️ Best Variety of GamesGTXGaming
🔒 Best Security and

We’ve compiled an immense list of the best Conan Exiles server hosts and filtered them by feature and category. Most of these hosting providers you’ll find have big names within the industry, they found their way onto our list by having a brilliant overall service for Conan: Exiles.

Created by the same developers that made Ark: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles is the second game made by them.  In a way, Conan is set in the same style Ark.

As we see in Ark, Conan: Exiles is very visual, graphics are brilliant and the different biomes in-game are awesome, with sandy areas or haven type biomes.

Best Conan Exiles Server Host

Looking at the best Conan Exiles server host, Survival Servers needed to be named as the best host for Conan Exiles, it stands out in all areas from their blazing fast performance to their brilliant custom control panel, Survival Servers is by far the best Conan exiles server host

Take a look at the best Conan exiles server host, and Survival Servers is at the top of the list: 

  • ⭐ SurvivalServers
  • ⭐ ServerBlend
  • ⭐ Host Havoc
  • ⭐ PingPerfect
  • ⭐ GameServers

The custom-built control panel isn’t to be ignored either, it’s endless features don’t even compare to TCAdmin. The game server control panel allows you to customise your modifications and plugins as well as other features for Conan: Exiles. had previously made mods and plugins for the ARMA series of games, so they have a clear interest as a company in games and understanding the importance of mods.

Determining The Best Conan Exiles Server Host

Best Conan exiles server hosting

As we’ve tested over 100 hosting providers and even more in the future, we’ve produced a list of criteria hosting providers must meet.  Most sites meet the criteria at some level, however, some don’t perform as well as others in them. Here is a list of our criteria for the best Conan Exiles server hosting:

  • Price / Value For Money
  • Performance (Server specifications)
  • Server locations
  • Control panel
  • Mod/plugin management

All of these aspects must be meet by the host, in this case, SurvivalServers had clearly dominated in these areas. Look at our SurvivalServers review to see their features and games.

Features Of The Best Conan Exiles Server Host

There are multiple features you’ll want to look out for when choosing a hosting provider. Some of these might be an installation of mods, map changing, server location change and many more.

Most server hosting control panels will allow you to change your map easily, however, some might not, that’s why Survival Servers has been voted our best Conan Exiles server hosting. Changing maps manually can be tricky and complicated meaning you’ll need to contact support and go through a lengthy process.

Another point is mod management and support, mod packs like Oxide work for Conan: Exiles and is very fun once installed and can help you manage your server.

Console management, some hosts allow you to switch your server to Xbox as well as on PC, this is a feature you might want to look out for if you play on both.

Best Conan Exiles server host

Conclusion of the Best Conan Exiles Server Hosting

All in all, Survival Servers topped out as the best Conan Exiles server host in terms of performance, speed and uptime. 

We’ve had some great feedback from players with PingPerfect and Host Havoc, we’d recommend you use Survival Servers as your first choice. 

Conan Exiles is one of the favored and loved games by the gaming community, so finding the perfect server host is very important.