Best PixARK Server Hosting

Look at our best PixARK server hosting List, we've looked at nearly 100 different PixARK hosting providers worldwide we've sorted them by performance, price and customer support to find the best hosting provider for PixARK.

Best PixARK Server Hosting


$0.60 Per Slot


$1.00 Per Slot

$1.09Per Slot

Survival Servers Hosting

$0.63 Per Slot

PixARK is a relatively small game and comes from the counter-part of Ark: Survival, so finding the best PixARK Server hosting isn’t easy, but with our PixARK server hosts comparison list you can find the cheapest, fastest or generally the best host for PixARK.

Most game server hosts provide PixARK on their list of games, with hundreds of types of game hosting available, PixARK has matured enough since it’s release in 2018 and hosting providers have supported PixARK since the release.

We’ll be looking at the different aspects you want to look out for when choosing a PixARK server host.

Best PixARK Server Hosting

With our list, you can find the Best PixARK server hosting or the cheapest provider that offers PixARK.

All in all, Host Havoc, yet again, is the best PixARK Server hosting provider and has rave reviews about their excellent service and has brilliant overall performance in terms of PixARK and most games that are supported by game hosting providers. 

Host Havoc started with ARMA 3 mods and branched out into game server hosting and quickly dominated in the industry of the best game hosting.

Cheapest PixARK Server Hosting

The Cheapest PixARK server hosting turns out to be Host Havoc at $0.60 per slot, but don’t let this position scare you away, Host Havoc is an excellent game hosting provider which performs brilliantly in all aspects of a game hosting provider but narrowly misses the best PixARK server hosting provider.

You’ll want to spend about $0.60 to $1.10 per slot and around $5 per GB, which is relatively standard. And if you’re wanting overall cheapness or wanting to play with friends solely, choose Host Havoc.

Why You Need The Best PixARK Server Hosting

As for any game hosting, you’ll want the best for your budget and with most of the hosting providers, we feature you see the best for your budget starting at $0.60 per slot.

Your PixARK server needs to be easy to use, have great performance, decently priced based on the features, and have great customer support and our comprehensive list of the best PixARK server hosting.

How We Determine The Best PixArk Server Hosting Providers

When we review any type of game in terms of game hosting and we use a strict set of criteria in order to rank each hosting provider and again with each specific game, also we factor in cheapness or ‘Value for money.’

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Modifications & Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

If all these aspects are met, we give points to each host for meeting these aspects and occasionally give points for offering discounts/promotions, but sometimes game hosting providers focus on providing a superior experience instead of offering discounts.

Features To Look Out For with Best PixARK Server Hosting

As for every game and every hosting provider, you’ll want to look out for a couple of extra features that aren’t particularly standard, like custom control panels. Only a select amount of game hosting providers have custom-built control panels, which often are better than your traditional ‘TCAdmin’ or ‘Multicraft’ along with NitroPanel etc. 

Performance is a key feature you want to look out for, most of the time this can be rare and hosting providers will lore you in with jargon but have crappy servers that host your game.