Best Factorio Server Hosting

Wanting to spend less time looking for the top Factorio server hosts? We've found the best Factorio server hosting rentals due to their trustworthiness, price, control panel and more. Take a look below for more information

Best Factorio Server Hosting





Best Factorio Server Host





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Factorio has recently become very popular, and servers have followed. Finding the best Factorio server hosting isn’t easy. 

And today we’ve compared the best Factorio hosts, including prices and some features of each host. 

Best Factorio Server Host & Hosting

Now, take a look at the best Factorio Server Hosting in 2020, be assured that GTX Gaming and Host Havoc are the best hosts for Factorio: 

Both Host Havoc and GTX Gaming are great, GTX Gaming features as position 1 for multiple games on our comparison site as well as Host Havoc. 

Host Havoc and GTX Gaming both have excellent server locations, performance among other great charatstics. 

How We Determine the Best Factorio Server Hosting

Like most games, Ark, Terraria, GMOD all have been compared using similar criteria slightly adjusted by the demands of each game, for example Ark players will likely be looking for pure performance due to it’s heavy GPU/CPU usage, whereas Terraria are more after slots and mod features. 

Our criteria is as follows: 

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Modifications & Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

Often, other hosting comparison sites will feature coupons, however, these are somewhat irevleant when it comes to choosing the best hosting provider for Factorio. 

Features to Look Out For When Looking for The Best Factorio Server Host

A popular aspect of most games is the mod and plugin community, most hosting providers have custom control panels that easily allow you to manage mods on your server. 1-click installs are fairly common among Factorio hosting providers. 

Server locations, DDOS protection, control panel usability are some of the features you might want to look for in the best Factorio server hosting.

Reviews is also something that should be looked at, generally they can reflect a hosting providers quality’s

Conclusion of The Best Factorio Server Hosting

All in all, Host Havoc is definitely the best Factorio server hosting provider in 2020. Host Havoc are new on the scene and have proved themselves quickly.

Host Havoc and GTX Gaming and should definitely be looked at, GTX Gaming is an English based company whereas Host Havoc is Canadian.

As seen above in the comparison table, take a look at the prices per slot and choose your best Factorio server hosting provider.