Best ARMA 3 Server Hosting

While fighting in intense gunfights, battles, flanks and other intense battles, you’ll find that finding a good ARMA server hosting provider is a battle itself. So we’ve complied all the best ARMA 3 server host that perform well in hosting ARMA 3 server rental and performance.

You’ll find features like customer support, control panel ability, mods & plugins and as well as performance, and pricing.

Best ARMA 3 Server Hosting

Plan Slots: 70







  • • EU & US Locations
  • • NVM SSD Storage
  • • 24/7 Support


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • SSD Storage
  • • Custom Panel
  • • 15+ Locations


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Custom Panel
  • • 20+ Locations


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • Intel NVMe SSDs
  • • 10Gbps DDoS Protection
  • • Full FTP Access


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • Free Web Hosting
  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Ultra-fast Processors


Per MonthPer Slot
✅ Category✅ Game Hosting Company
🏆 Best Game Hosting BrandServerBlend
🎖️ Best Overall ARMA 3 HostingGTXGaming
✨ Best Customer ServiceHostHavoc
💨  Best Speed / Ping HostingPingPerfect
🕹️ Best Variety of GamesGTXGaming
🔒 Security and DDoS

Intense gunfights, strategic battles, dangerous flanks, and intelligent battle strategies, all these things make a complete tactical shooter. Moreover, when it comes to some of the most prominent tactical shooters in the market, then ARMA 3 steals the spotlight. Here in this article, we are going to look at some of the best ARMA 3 server hosting providers. Before that, let’s have a look at what ARMA 3 is. 

For those who don’t know, ARMA 3 is an open-world military tactical shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive, originally based on DayZ mods. It was released in 2013 and 2015 for Windows and macOS respectively. Being one of the best tactical shooters, ARMA 3 has many awards to its name. The popularity of ARMA 3 can be estimated by the fact that it is used for military simulations. 

ARMA 3 offers a single-player campaign with nerve-wracking solo roleplaying missions and a multiplayer mode in which you can play with your friends. For that, the game offers a built-in hosting feature that makes the player host his own game. But we don’t recommend hosting your server. This thing has some disadvantages, let’s go through them. 

First of all ARMA 3 is a quite heavy game to run for your pc with its enormous maps, features, and details. A special gaming pc can run it on 60 fps but with you hosting the game as well, it is simply torturing for your pc. And it will bring your fps to around 10-15 with lag that leaves no fun in playing the game. Another reason for avoiding it is that the game offers enormous maps to play on. A single player cannot manage a large map. This makes the game simple and boring for the players. 

Coming to the solution, the best one is by renting ARMA 3 server hosting from external hosting providers. It will firstly, remove the burden off your pc and secondly, there will be no fuss of arranging and maintaining the maps. Now for your ease, we have gathered some of the best ARMA 3 hosting providers for you. Let’s have a look at them one by one.  

Best ARMA Server Hosting Providers

Take a look at the list of the best ARMA 3 server hosting providers, as well as Survival Servers being the best ARMA server host:

  • Host Havoc
  • GTX Gaming
  • TRUGaming
  • ServerBlend
  • GameServers

1. HostHavoc

When it comes to online tactical shooters, the more players you have in the field, the more exciting it gets. Well, our host here offers a chance of having 127 players in the field. HostHavoc is one of the best game server hosting providers out there with its top-class services and features.

Coming straight to features, if you are looking for a comparatively large scale ARMA 3 set up, then HostHavoc is your best choice. Their features include guaranteed 99.9% network uptime, secure hosting with DDoS protection, complete 24/7 customer support, and others. Also, they offer FTP and file manager access for users who like to manage and backup data on their own.

You also get to have a powerful control panel that is easy to set up and use. The control panel also comes with mod installers with which you can install and play any mod you like. Now coming to the costs, you can avail HostHavoc hosting services for $0.50 per slot with a 72 hours money-back guarantee. In the end, HostHavoc Server Hosting is the best option if you want to set up a server with at least 40 players on the map. 

As mentioned above, you’ll find that ARMA 3 relates highly to DayZ, as ARMA 2 was based on DayZ and basically a mod for DayZ. So, server hosting providers that offer ARMA often perform well on the top DayZ server hosting page. So you’ll find that Host Havoc is definitely performing well in both. 

2. GTXGaming

For the next host, we have GTXGaming. The special thing about GTXGaming is that its coverage is spread across different regions of the world. Their servers are located in ten different countries that make them offer lag-free hosting services to almost every part of the world.

While reviewing GTX Gaming, we found that customers often referred to several useful features and often recommended. Therefore, it’s not a problem if your friends are located far from you. You can enjoy ARMA 3 together. Their control panel is user-friendly and easy to setup. Their rates are also cheap and affordable as compared to the services they offer.

Their packages start with a minimum of 10 slots and go to 120 slots. Now, you can host large team battles with the maximum slots here. All you have to do is pay $1.30 per slot for 10 slots and the price decreases to $0.62 per slot for 120 slots. Including this, they provide 24/7 customer support and a 24 hours free trial as well. If are looking for a top-class ARMA 3 server hosting them GTXGaming must be your top priority. 

3. TruGaming

The next spot is for TruGaming. With one of the most reliable services and features, TruGaming is the best option for you. Their servers are easy to set up with player limits ranging from 20 to 70. Their packages are fully customizable. You can make choose any package that suits you. Another important thing about their servers is that they are mode friendly.

As mentioned above ARMA 3 multiplayer has to support different modes to get pre-set maps and assets. All of TruGaming’s ARMA 3 servers are mode friendly that removes the problem. They also provide 24/7 customer support and monitoring. Their rate starts from $1.08 per slot.

Now, why should you choose TruGaming? Most players rent game servers with a large number of slots (70-100) but end up having a small number of players in them. This is where TruGaming helps. TruGaming has its own ARMA 3 community from which you can easily get several players to play with. This is one of the reasons for including TruGaming on the list. 

4. ServerBlend

Leaving the best one for the last, here is ServerBlend. You cannot find any feature that is not on their list. Jumping straight to the features, firstly, they offer the most affordable rates of all. Their per slot rate is $0.50.

Their service coverage is spread across different regions of the world. The control panel comes with a bunch of functions for experts but at the same time, it can be easily managed by beginners as well. Their servers are mod-friendly. You can set up any mod with easy 1-click mod installation.

Other features include free DDoS protection, automatic backup, automatic updates, and 24/7 customer support. ServerBlend is the perfect match for you and fulfills all your needs. As mentioned earlier, you cannot move with hosting and playing at the same time. ServerBlend hosting here solves the problem by managing each and everything for you. All you need to do is set up and start the battle.