HostHorde Review

HostHorde Review

Today, on our HostHorde review and HostHorde reviews from customers. This hosting providers only provide hosting for Minecraft, so if you’re looking for the best Minecraft server hosting, take a look at HostHorde. 

Surprisingly, Hosthorde is a dedicated server for Minecraft and offers no other games. Hence, you must want to host a server for Minecraft from Hosthorde so we will be looking at that particular experience.

HostHorde Review 2022

Hosthorde has been offering Minecraft servers for a long time. Can you guess how long? Yes, Absolutely. Since it came out, Hosthorde was the first in the industry to offer unlimited Minecraft. The hosting services are premium.

If you don’t know about it, you should know one thing for sure. It is one of the best servers if you are new to server hosting. The following features are something to be mentioned.

It is affordable, largely reliable, and will help you find your feet in the gaming world. No reservations about that for sure.

But, there were a few glitches here and there.

Let’s review them in detail along with the other features.

Games Hosted by Hosthorde

It does not host any other game apart from Minecraft and is dedicated to Minecraft only. Maybe that is one reason it has been so successful as the entire focus is on Minecraft hosting, so obviously it’s going to perform very well in this section. 

Unlike other game hosts that host multiple games, the traffic on it is also very limited. Hence, the players get one mind-blowing experience while playing it.

As HostHorde is focussing on a single game, performance and speciality to the game is by far one of the best in the Minecraft hosting industry. However, we do suspect that Hytale will be added to HostHorde in time, making them one of the top Hytale server hosting providers in 2020 and throughout it’s hosting history. 

Changes of Host IP

It’s been reported multiple times and had our own experience that IP switches are common and the host admin isn’t told, so waking up to your server not existing isn’t helpful. 

Server Downtime / DDoS Protection

Sure, a little glitch here and there are no big issues. It happens to everyone irrespective of which server you are using. But, it is basic courtesy to inform your users when the server is down. Right?

There were a couple of instances of DDoS or simple maintenance when the serve was down for so long. The gamers weren’t informed about that either and kept trying to log in to the server. What a waste of a couple of hours.

The longest people have waited without any information from the management is for 8-hours straight. That surely is a lot.

Java 8

Surprisingly, Java 8 is not available on this game host. Not only that, there is no ETA for Java 8 either. So, won’t be seeing that for a while. What a bummer that was for everyone. I guess this was the nail in the coffin for the reviewer to leave HostHorde server once and for all. 

Since java 8 has been released, a number of posts have been made on this issue. I have simply lost count of the times I have written to the game server to include Java 8 over the past 2 years.

All the mods and plugins use it as a standard. Still, Hosthorde does not support Java 8 is a surprise.

The majority (won’t be saying all as that will be a little far-fetched, but after visiting and looking at hundreds of game host servers, it will be okay to say all) of the game host servers that are available in the market use it too.

It is a shame being forced to reconfigure or move on from your website to another one as you change hosting and source IP. 

Performance Review

On the whole, Hosthorde performs pretty well. Better than many of the hosts out there. It has Intel Xeon Processors, premium bandwidth, and solid-state drives which makes it lag-free. As a result, the players get a stable connection and no disruption while playing.

Since HostHorde only provides hosting for Minecraft performance isn’t always an issue. Other providers that provide things like Squad server hosting need to ensure that their servers and performance are top-tier. 

HostHorde Customer Support

Not only is customer support important in the corporate world but in the gaming world also. No doubt, little mishaps do happen, but who to inform? Of course, the customer support team.

Unlike other game hosting providers who have 24/7 customer support teams ready to help people, Hosthorde does not give you this option. Even though they have limited hours, still employ some staff from different time zones.

They have a non-committal/recalcitrant approach towards dealing with the customers. Also, they make statements they can’t stick to or don’t hold. 

Sure, the support team does try to help you, but it seems they themselves have limited knowledge. For example, upon being asked about Pixelmon, they had no idea what it was. It does have enough popularity to mention about it here.

It would have been much better if they are transparent and frank in their dealings with the customers. Everyone knows that hosts do face problems at times, the service can be down for routine maintenance and there can be a glitch in the hosts services.

So, they should be open about it. Informing your users beforehand builds their trust and is the professional way to do so. Moreover, it will not waste time as people will already know that the customer support team won’t be working, let’s say from 2 a.m till 5 a.m. 

Server Stats & Price

It is quite good. Better than the rest actually. When hosting a server it doesn’t usually mess up and runs smoothly most of the time. Again, lack of communication is a problem over here. If they would inform us beforehand, the server stats would have improved for us.

Hosthorde is unbeatable with a performance at a small price. For someone who is looking for a cheap server, this is for you. Hosthorde tops the list in price competitiveness. But, the fact that it does not have Java 8 which is the core of all the mods and plugins, is upsetting.

The price is set according to the various plans it has. Different plans offer different GB’s for use and you can pick on which suits your needs.

Because of this, it is not a viable choice for anyone who wants to use contemporary packs and plugins. 

Only if you find a permanently discounted code for some other gaming server, can a game host compete with Hosthorde on the basis of price? Such is the price competitiveness of the sever.

Final HostHorde Review

In a nutshell, it gets a rating of 3/10. The major reasons are the unavailability of Java 8 and the lack of attention to the customer’s needs and the marketplace. If even one of them is improved, the rating can become much better than this. Adding java would ramp the review up to a couple of stars. 

It is recommended that they employ staff with expertise and detailed knowledge of the gaming world or at the least.

HostHorde Finals Thoughts

To round it all up, Hosthorde is affordable, reliable and the best-shared server seen on the Minecraft hosting market. Apart from a few problems, it is still good for people who want to play Minecraft with their friends and enjoy a game of Vanilla or even a modded option. 

On the bright side of it, both these problems can be solved in a jiffy and Hosthorde should start working on them!

It would have been recommended to almost everyone before Java 8 came out, like McProHosting and BisectHosting.

HostHorde Customer Reviews

Jak G: In my experience of HostHorde it’s a reliable option with multiple pricing options that suit to pretty much anyone. However, with the lack of performance support, we had to move over to a different Minecraft host.