Finding The Best Ark Plugins with The Best Ark Server Hosting

Some players might get quite bored of Ark: Survival Evolved, with plugins and mods for your Ark server, you can make the server experience much more fun. Looking for the best Ark server hosting can help you in your mission to create the best Ark Server.

Plugins like Discord Addon and SurvivalShop are great for players to engage with the Ark server. As mentioned above, finding the right Ark server hosting is quite important.

Finding the Right Plugin for Ark

Finding the right plugins for Ark is entirely the end goal of creating a great experience on your Ark Server.

Many server developers use which highlights every plugin available for Ark and also has some areas for forms and Wikipedias about Ark.

There are plugins like DinoTracker, Chat Icons, TebexArk (For making money on your Ark server.) and some others.

We highly recommend you install TebexArk to ensure that your server can accept donations and generate some money to keep the server going, this way you can improve your game hosting package

Using the Right Ark Server Hosting

Finding the best game server hosting is an important feature to creating the ultimate ark server, while you can get the best performance you can handle all the plugins you’ll need to install.

Game hosting providers like Survival Servers, Host Havoc and GameServers are all highly rated when it comes to Ark: Survival Evolved. Each host has brilliant performance with powerful Intel CPUs and great control panels.

Price is always an important factor when creating your server, even if you have a large budget, it’s worth saving that $100-200 a year through a cheap and brilliant hosting provider.

Our hosting review section ensures that each hosting provider is mentioned and any inconsistencies are mentioned.

Performance needed for mods and plugins

Clearly servers will need more performance the larger the number of mods and plugins you want and the number of players you have on the server. Generally, 2-3GB is the minimum you want for around 20 active players, you need to ensure that the server hardware is sufficient.

You as a server operator should manage every aspect of the player experience, generally lag is frowned upon and may impact your player retention and lack of player generation.