Making Money From The Gmod Server Hosting

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make money Gmod server and make sure you’ve got the best server hosting. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got the best Gmod server hosting to keep costs low.

Some of Garry’s Mod servers are generating $1,000 per month just in donations, some making that four-hold.

Make Sure You’ve Got The Best Gmod Server Hosting

Finding the best game hosting for your chosen game is very important to not only the management of your server but to make sure that the game server control panel is also right for ease-of-management.

Slow servers can impact your player-base and getting the best game hosting is a way of increasing performance, as well as plugins.

And the better quality of the server and the performance the more chance you’ll get donations. And at the end of the day, you need donations to stay afloat.

Some of the best Garry’s mod server hosting providers are Host Havoc, GTX Gaming and GameServers, all of which

Accepting Donations On Your Gmod Server

One of the only methods of generating income from a Garry’s Mod server is too accept donations from your player-base.

We’ve seen some server owners making $1,000+ solely in donations directly to the server, you should definitely set up a website for your server to describe its the purpose, about page and a donation page. You can also add potential benefits of why players should donate to your server.

You can accept donations through Prometheus, a donation module.

There are various platforms of which you can accept donations, from PayPal to Visa. Similar to Buycraft.

An in-game cosmetic called ‘Loot-boxes’ is a good form of generating money, you can give out player models, cosmetics and other in-game items in return for a donation.

Is It Profitable To Run A Gmod Server?

The answer is, yes, operating a Garry’s mod server is very profitable. Some reports suggest upwards of $2,000 from the donations side of things.

Giving away ranks like ‘VIP or ‘VIP+’ with certain server benefits can be looked as a donation, but nevertheless, you’re accepting donations.

Just to mention, be careful when giving away benefits, the majority of the player base on Gmod is kids.

And remember to stick to progression friendly tactics instead of Pay2Win.