How To Protect Your Minecraft Server Hosting from Security Breaches

For those wanting to protect your Minecraft server from malicious hackers and any security breaches might want to start at their Minecraft server hosting provider and its game server control panel.

There are many methods of protecting your server from malicious players, one of which is finding the best Minecraft server hosting provider. Some hosts have great measures in place to stop the above.

Choosing Security When Finding a Minecraft Hosting Provider

Sometimes custom control panels can lack security due to their exclusivity and not being tested a lot like TCAdmin and Multicraft.

There are plugins and security measures that Minecraft hosting providers do install once you have installed and developed your server.

Plugins like X Protect, Authme, AntiJoinBot all are plugins that are great plugins which stop bots and other malicious intentions from servers or entities.

Minecraft is very populated with the number of hackers around, these hackers shouldn’t be tolerated and could lead to some more problems dependent on the level, hundreds of anti-cheat plugins make sure that hackers stay away from your server.

Security On TCAdmin and Multicraft vs Custom Panels

Some game server control panels have the correct measures in place to stop any threats that a Minecraft server might incur.

Some game hosting panels have been around for almost 10 years, with that being said, they’ve had enough time to mature and develop and debug their code.

Whereas some panels like Survival Servers custom panel, which has been around for near to 5 years. Hosting panels like NitroPanel have only been around since last year.

Another factor which you should look for when choosing a game hosting provider is that the website, as well as the hosting panel, is HTTPS secured, meaning that no potential threat can lease onto your connection to the website hosting.

Anti-Cheat on Your Minecraft Server

How to protect your Minecraft server hosting is limiting your number of hackers.

We highly encourage you to install plugins to prevent any form of a hacker, they generally tend to become more dangerous in DDoS circumstances.

DDoS can be an annoying situation when you’re hosting a server, all of the best game hosting providers have sufficient DDoS protection, but sometimes hackers will have very powerful DDoS which still disables your gameplay.