Project Zomboid Tips | How To Survive the Apocalypse in 2022

project zomboid tips

The sound of low moaning surrounds you. You can tell the dead are outside. The noise grows louder with each passing moment. As panic sets in, you wrack your mind to think of a way out, realizing you don’t have a clean exit. Quickly scanning through your inventory proves that a bent fork is your only means of defense. Suddenly you hear the crash of a shattered window, followed by a heavy thump- you are no longer alone. As you resign victory and spend the last moments simply prolonging the inevitable, you wonder where it all went wrong.

You may need some Project Zomboid tips.

Are you struggling to survive amidst all of the chaos in the survival sandbox that is Project Zomboid? Our top Project Zomboid tips list will give you the strategies you need to thrive in the zombie apocalypse. For beginners and beyond, even advanced players will benefit from reading this guide. With an evolving environment and a massive amount of open-world content in Project Zomboid, it’s best to come prepared

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Project Zomboid Tips

1. Stay Crouched While Moving

project zomboid tips

When not in active pursuit by the undead, it’s best to crouch as you move through the map. Crouching produces a lot less sound than both walking and running. Pressing the “c” button lets players use this simple skill. Sneak is an easy skill to level as it only requires you to crouch near zombies to gain experience.


This skill is helpful as the less sound you make, the less attention you’ll attract from nearby zombies. In Project Zomboid, it’s easy to become quickly overrun by a horde of enemies. Adding crouch, caution, and patience to your toolkit keeps you safe and improves your odds as you play Project Zomboid.

2. Day One

Project Zomboid is a game with progression with a clear early, middle, and late game. Typically as the game unfolds, the difficulty will gradually decrease. The more you play the game, your skills increase, and the loot you collect will let you handle situations easier.

You’ll eventually lay out a base of operations and secure a foothold on the map, providing you with a safe place to plan and recover. Because of this, Project Zomboid is a game about priorities, and understanding what is most important on Day 1 of your adventure is critical to having a successful run.

Players should look to accomplish or acquire the following things during the first days of their playthrough:


  • Find a weapon. Anything works here as you use this to break windows without hurting your hands; eventually, you will want to find a studier weapon to fend off the undead.
  • Collect a water container. You’ll need a container to fill up so your character can drink. A great early game option is bleach containers. You can pour them out and refill them with water. They are easy to find and have a good capacity.
  • Grab a bag. You’ll want to find a container early to gather large amounts of loot.
  • Find a watch. A watch will help you track the time, helping you manage food, water, and sleep needs.
  • You’ll want to find durable clothing if you can. Some clothing is more durable and resistant to zombie bites. A thick jacket could be the difference between life and death.
  • Establish a safe house. If you can clear enough of the surrounding area, structures can act as a home base for your survivor. Somewhere with a bed, water, and multiple escape paths are preferred. Here you can stash your loot and sleep when you need a break from your adventures.

3. Priority Items

project zomboid tips

There are a lot of items in the Project Zomboid world, and some are more useful than others. Some loot is junk, while other collectibles play a critical role. Here are some items that you should always pick up:

  • Guns may be too loud in the early game, but as the game progresses and you can increase your shooting skill, they become a much safer means of eliminating the undead.
  • Inventory management plays a vital role in success when playing Project Zomboid. You will want to find a duffel bag or a big hiking bag as soon as possible. These items allow you to store all your things and reduce how much their weight affects your encumbrance.
  • Early on, a hammer or frying pan will make due in a pinch, but you will eventually want to find something with more damage, capable of hitting multiple enemies, like the axe.
  • During your adventure, you’ll come across a variety of foodstuffs. You’ll find perishable and non-perishable foods, meaning you will want to prioritize what you eat, starting with perishables while stockpiling preserved food for when the electricity eventually goes out.

4. Moodles

In Project Zomboid, your character has survival-based limitations called Moodles. These indicators represent conditions your character is experiencing, and you’ll want to manage them closely to avoid negative status effects. Your character needs to eat, drink, and sleep to manage their health and sanity. In addition, stress, panic, and endurance are all moodles you need to handle during combat and when encountering the undead.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the top Project Zomboid tips. With these strategies and a little practice, you’ll soon be the apocalypse’s number one survivor.