PloxHost Review

PloxHost is one of those servers. Over the years, PloxHost has transformed into a robust hosting service from being a mere budget Minecraft server host. To determine if PloxHost is a reliable option, we’ll have a look at its;

  • Performance
  • Available games
  • Control panel
  • Payment methods, and other special features.

PloxHost Review 2021

Ploxhost is one of the cheapest hosting servers in the market. The server-hosting platform has added new hardware for other game-hosting beyond Minecraft. Unlike other service providers like, Host Havoc, which goes through the third party, PloxHost own the hardware that powers its service. This means they have direct control over what they put on the system. This eliminates time lag that may occur from waiting for middlemen service. Altogether, it translates to a fast, consistent experience for the users.

With the hosting service company’s major experience with Minecraft customization, it’s no surprise it now offers multi-level web hosting, which includes discord bot hosting, premium virtual machine hosting, and virtual private server hosting plans, which include Minecraft hosting plans.

The particular game hosting servers of PloxHost run with an E5-2680 Intel Xeon processor. It has an operating speed of around 3.50 GHz, ECC 2666MHz memory, and a 1Gbit uplink network that offers top DDoS security/ PCI compliance while keeping your servers online 99% of the time.

With the discord bot hosting service mentioned earlier, PloxHost lets you run a seamless bot operation so that you can make the most of your bots: for video games, music, live chat, etc. What’s more, the open-source nature of the PloxHost panel allows you to manage your game servers and leverage its intuitive user interface. Even more, it facilitates RAID hardware, SSD caching, and cloud Linux, giving you unlimited server control. This ranges from FTP to web console, or even adoption of the list of one-click modification packs which can be used for severe tweaking.


After testing PloxHost’s $1.50 for 1 GB server, the experience was quite good. There were no server lags or dragging. With about 4 players online, the percentile of CPU remained under 10%. While the control panel gives off an old vibe, functionality is totally impressive as you can control whatever you want.

Even if anything is not present in the control panel, it was easily modified through FTP. Furthermore, there was significant hassle while transferring to PloxHost from the local server. Altogether, the platform’s performance is way too impressive at $1.50.


Hosting Minecraft on a secure server became the go-to option. If you are a serious gamer, then game-hosting is probably not new to you. However, if you a new and want a fantastic gaming experience, the many Minecraft/other game servers in the market might leave you confused as to which one offers the best price plan.

Compared to other game hosting services like CubedHost, CreeperHost, BisectHosting, BeastNode, PloxHost offers one of the most affordable pricing systems, which is as low

as $1.50/month for1GB Ram and out to 16GB RAM/ unlimited slots/ free web hosting at $24/month. What’s more, PloxHost offers unlimited slots from its lowest plan which beats other hosting services, like SurvivalServers, and BisectHosting which only offers unlimited slots in their premium plans, or limited slots at a fee with their lowest plans.

PloxHost also offers Premium VPS hosting for as low as $2.60/month, which offers 1GB Memory, 3.50GHZ Processor, 20GB SSD Disk, and unmetered bandwidth. The premium VPS service is also available to higher needs users up to 10GB Memory and 120GB SSD Disk.

Available Games On PloxHost.

As mentioned earlier, PloxHost has evolved from being just a Minecraft hosting server. So here are some of the list of popular games you can’t host on the platform.

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Contagion
  • Dead Matter
  • Squad
  • Factorio
  • FiveM (Grand Theft Auto V modification)

Offers, Coupons and Promotions

Promotions and coupons offer at PloxHost are usually offered in form of a percentage off an order. If you are fast, you’ll probably get PloxHost’s current magnanimous 33% off offer on Minecraft hosting using the code MEGAMC

PloxHost Payment Methods

PloxHost pricing is not the only convenient feature it’s customer enjoy, this server hosting service company also provides various payment methods for users so that whether you have a card or not, you can still have access to their service. The following are the available payment options.

  • ● PayPal
  • ● Visa card
  • ● Master card
  • ● American Express
  • ● Discover Network
  • ● Bitcoin

A little heads up; the PloxHost refund window isn’t very wide, so you’ll have to be quick if you want them to consider any request to get your money back. After buying one of PloxHost service plans, and you happen to be unsatisfied, it’s best to initiate a refund request within 24hrs. If they cannot resolve your challenge, you’ll get your money back. However, you’ll likely not get a refund if you don’t request quickly—even if your complaints don’t have an acceptable resolution.

PloxHost Customer Support Options

One thing is certain, issues can’t totally be avoided with tech service like server hosting, but the ability to resolve them quickly is key to avoiding customer dissatisfaction. Minecraft is a game that brought in many young customers that is almost always online. This demography of clients promoted PloxHost to initiate a “channel on discord,” the famous server of communication among streamers and gamers.

This is in addition to the online ticketing complaint system and toll-free calls. All these make Clients get their complaints heard and resolved quickly. Also, because the PloxHost discord server has custom bots integrated with its billing system, trained chat agents on the “channel of discord” have real-time access to clients’ billing information. This means issues relating to billing also receive speedy resolution.

Control Panel Review

PloxHost control panel is known as Multicraft, a similar feature among Minecraft hosting services. It accommodates plug-ins, FTP access, and lets you manage multi-servers with only one web-based user interface. Depending on the version of the servers, it could be multi-physical or multi-virtual. Below are the features of the PloxHost Minecraft control panel.

  • Easy management of multiple servers from one place
  • Autonomous to Minecraft updates
  • You can use it for mass deployment
  • Allows real-time log, chat, and even player list (Ajax interface)
  • Has moderator support.
  • Usable application programming interface
  • Has a built-in plugin browser.
  • Compliant with other game servers i.e non-Minecraft server

PloxHost Reviews from Customers

Here we will not have a look at what current and past users have to say about the service.

Jack: Amazing service. I’m going to rate PloxHost’s service 8/10. The hosting is itself is 100% smooth and has no problems at all. However, the downside for me is the absence of a real-time support team to handle my complaint immediately because I’m in a different timezone (GMT+8). Still, the team attended to my complaints immediately it was their operational hours. Overall, I love the service: Cutest, from

Stephen: Cheap price, combined average response time, and knowledgeable support team. I’ve been on the PloxHost platform for about 60 days now, and I am satisfied altogether with the service. Of course, I have some issues here and there, but the staffs were quick to resolve them. Overall, I am just happy, they attended to me quickly. Some minor issues also came up that I also resolved with the help of the community of gamers and admins on the discord server.

GamerCraze: Worst host, ever. The first month was great but the issues started the second month. From crashes to downtime, which made games difficult to play and caused me to lose players. The support team couldn’t help me. What’s worse was the 6GB Ram I was paid for became reduced to 5GB, which was the reason for the server lagging: Jarrod Mackay