BeastNode Review

In this BeastNode review, we will be considering all BeastNode has to offer. So the review comes out as unbiased as possible, here are the areas we will be taking a closer look at.

  • Reviews from customers
  • Performance
  • Available games
  • Server locations, coupons
  • Promotions
  • Payment methods, and more.

We will also include some reviews from verified customers who may have helpful positives or negatives on this popular host server.

BeastNode Review 2022

Minecraft hosting companies increase by the day, but it’s important to separate the top performers from the average host providers. However, it’s not all about quality and performance in the GSP industry, budget prices, wide-coverage, support, and customer service. We can boldly say that BeastNode ticks most of these boxes, but some areas are begging for improvement.

Let’s start by mentioning that BeastNode has been around for quite some time; in fact, they are one of the oldest Minecraft GSP’s in the market and have relentlessly maintained a leading position at the top of the pyramid when it comes to performance. They have gracefully maintained a high level of service over the past six years and seem to offer excellent value for money.

What’s even better are the immersive features available on their platform regardless of the budget plan you choose. Support for mod packs like ATLauncher, Spigot, TechnicPack, FeedTheBeast, Run Tekkit, and CraftBukkitare included in the various packages to guarantee a superior and entertaining experience. Beyond that, customers can choose to install individual mods to get an enhanced and personalized gaming experience. There’s also full FTP access available on all Minecraft packages, so users can easily upload, download or edit server files.


BeastNode is doing everything to live up to the tenets of their name, and many may agree that those efforts are working. For such an advanced host server provider in terms of its debut into the industry, BeastNode provides optimal services to customers who host 7-100 players or more.

Their servers run on SSD and Intel Xeon processors to enhance lag-free and smooth performance, plus they equally use a gigabit connection which works great for reducing lag times on servers. The SSD-powered cloud VPS also ensures operations like upgrading and downgrading even on a basic VPS-512 package/plan.

Such plans run on up to 128GB, depending on how many players will be using the server. In addition, there’s the VPS advantage which allows gamers to host their game servers plus their website without any added costs.

BeastNode also promises up to 99.9% uptime, which is pretty decent for players that desire a smooth gaming experience. BeastNode equally guarantees unmetered gigabit connection speeds with high-quality network systems that can be enjoyed in major locations depending on personal preference. Despite these expected positives, we discovered that while BeastNode is highly reliable for gamers with small or medium-range servers, it may not be the most suitable option for very large servers which require more pricey options.

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BeastNode Server Locations

Gamers get to choose where their servers are installed geographically, which usually depends on the location of most of the players. BeatsNode understands this and majorly invests in the following locations;

– Chicago

– Phoenix

– Amsterdam

The Chicago, Illinois, location is very central and offers coverage for gamers in both central and North America. For gamers in South America, Asia, or Australia, choosing Phoenix-Arizona should guarantee maximum performance. At the same time, Amsterdam caters best to players in European countries from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and more.

That does not mean that Amsterdam servers won’t work in the US, it is still able to retain low latency regardless, but it’s wiser to connect to a server that’s closer to home. So, with just three major server locations, we concluded that BeastNode may not be the best in terms of server locations. To cater to a wider audience, they may need to expand and add on more server locations.

BeastNode Pricing

BeastNode is one of the most versatile host server providers in terms of their prices and packages. To ensure there is a budget and pocket-friendly plan for everyone, most plans are divided into the budget and premium Minecraft server packages.

Some of their plans and packages are listed below;

  • Budget servers from $2.99 per month
  • Premium servers starting from $5 per month
  • Cloud VPS from $3.60 per month
  • Website hosting from $3.60 per month

Their Ram costs lie around $3 per Gigabit for budget users and costs around $10 per Gigabit for premium and VPS users. We can say that their prices are quite decent, especially for gamers on a budget who still want to enjoy the benefits of a premium-quality Minecraft server. The $2.99 per month package gives customers 1GB of Ram, which is suitable for up to 15 players.

However, if you add about $8 to that, there’s up to 3GB addition Ram to enjoy, and for now, that $11 plan is one of the most popular users who has up to sixty players on their grid.

Players who have some more dollars to spare can easily opt for the premium plan, of course, there are some juicy benefits that come with more expensive plans. Gamers that choose the premium plan enjoy the following features;

  • Unlimited disk space
  • 15% discount for long billing cycles
  • Advanced DDOS protection
  • MOD support
  • Unlimited bandwidth

And more; the $5 per month plan comes with 512MB of Ram while the $20 per month plan (which is the most popular among customers by the way) offers 2GB of Ram and is suitable for up to 20 players.

Offers, Coupons and Promotions

From our research, we found out that BeastNode is one of those generous GSP’s that offer discount codes and promotions regularly. Customers can get 10-15% off Minecraft Servers and even get luckier with 50-75% off offers. Use VIKK for up to 20% off, and VPSWOW75 for 75% off any order.

BeastNode Customer Support Options

Support was one area where BeastNode ranked low, and it’s not just because some customers complained but more about their communication channels. Instead of offering live chat or telephone support, BeastNode has stuck to using support tickets for communication. There’s nothing wrong with support tickets, but it’s not just the same as having results or solutions in real-time.

While most customers rarely have issues thanks to the easy setup and excellent uptime, when there are challenges, waiting for a response via support tickets isn’t very encouraging. On the bright side, BeastNode also gives its customers the opportunity to connect and communicate on a community support platform, this forum makes it easier to help other gamers in need as well.

BeastNode Reviews from Customers

Let’s now take a look at the experiences of Beastnode’s past and current users.

Verified User: I have been using Beastnode for over two years now and I must say that their server hosting is very good. Some of the people giving them low ratings may not actually know what they are doing. Their servers do a really great job when it comes to shared hosting and the lag times are very minimal. The only negative I may have about BeastNode is their prices, some consider them as budget prices but in my definition, for the disk space given and the Ram, it’s not budget.

Bob: Solid service, good value for money, that’s all I can say. I have noticed some lags here and there, but I would still recommend BeastNode anyday.

Syl: BeastNode offers really great service, my only complaint is the backup; I wish the files were saved longer after monthly plans expire, hopefully, they consider this.