MineHut Review

There are many free and affordable game hosting services online for gamers and MineHut is one of them. MineHut’s service is pretty much free of charge. However is it reliable? More so, how do we determine if MineHut is a reputable game hosting provider?

To do so, we’ll take a look at the following criteria;

  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Performance
  • Available Games
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Reviews

We’ll also have a look at their available coupons and promotions. Note that this is not a compelling article but an honest review of what the hosting platform has to offer. In the end, the decision is yours.

MineHut Review 2021

As mentioned, MineHut’s service is technically free of charge unless you are buying into one of its special plans. You’ll install plugins freely and not pay to enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences. So, don’t be surprised if you take a peek into internet chat rooms, forums, or online help communities, and you find online users asking questions like, “is MineHut safe?”

As much as people like freebies, they are also cautious of free service on the internet as it might mean being exposed to data compromise. In the gaming world, players’ data can be quite valuable. If you are not a newbie, you’ll understand what we mean. So it’s understandable if you are sceptical about MineHut’s free service.

The truth is, there’s no 100% risk-free hosting service on the internet. Hackers are everywhere, and we’re not going to hide the fact that they’ve done a couple of numbers on MineHut, which led to the compromise of users’ data. However, the online server hosting service has since upped its game and restore clients’ confidence.

Now that question of MineHut’s safety is out of the way, the other common discussion in popular online chat rooms is how good is MineHut, as a server-hosting service. Let’s look at that under, performance, pricing, support, and of course, how they stack up against other similar service providers.


One of the first things you’ll notice with MineHut is the operation by in-game commands to run your server. That means you can circumvent email verifications and cumbersome online setup steps. For example, one of the first steps is to add MineHut, i.e., type the command mc.MineHut.com to join the server. You can perform customization via the control panel with simple commands too.

As earlier mentioned, plugin installation is free unless you are looking to upgrade. These plugins help improve your server’s performance. After plugins installation, the /stop command will be needed to shut down your server while the/join command will get you back in. These two moves enable your plugins after installations. For a low-budget server host, MineHut offers DDoS migration, which you can find in hosts like PloxHost, Zap Hosting, CreeperHost, etc.

We tested MineHut’s freemium deal with its 12 plugins and 1GB RAM; We must say we were impressed with the performance since it’s a free service. However, we noticed limitations in the plugins you can use, so you’ll have to buy into the paid plan to enjoy more plugin options.

MineHut said ten players could jump in on its free plan, which is fine. However, you’ll enjoy the free server more if you keep the operation under five players. During testing, we noticed that as the number of players increased to 8, there was a noticeable server lag.

Furthermore, we went further to check out the performance of the $5/month upgrade. It was significantly different from the free package. The first thing we noticed was that the server accommodated over eight players without any noticeable lag. This is quite understandable as the plan comes with a 2Gb RAM, which also allows way more plugins.


Like other free server-hosting services, like ScalaCube and Aternos, MineHut offers clients/users free and, of course, paid plans. On the $0 plan, you’ll have access to two servers, 12 free plugins as MineHut doesn’t use slots. The free package also comes with 1GB worth of RAM, accommodating ten players. Pretty cool, right? Compared with Aternos and Server.pro, MineHut’s free package offers users more. Upgrades of your RAM size or ability to bring in more players will cost you extra, starting from $5/month.

MineHut Support Options

MineHut support channels include discord, a platform with thousands of users worldwide, which also have dedicated support teams. Channels include the support channel. This channel is for MindHut related issues. There’s also the Skrint section, which you can use to get help when your scripts are not working as you want. Simply create a new topic with a brief description, and you have a community swarming into the rescue.

MineHut’s Available Games

All MineHut servers support java and bedrock cross-playing, so you can engage with other online users/gamers that have a different version of Minecraft. Customers of MineHut also can take advantage of a selection of Tekkit server hosting plans to play with friends or set up a server for fellow players.

Coupons and Promotions on MineHut

If you are looking for discount offers on MineHut, then you are in luck. The free server-hosting currently has a 50% off promo running on your first credit purchase. The promo code is “PLAYMineHut.” To enjoy other offers such as these, you might need to visit the website regularly.

Control Panel Reviewed

The MineHut control panel, like other control panels, is where you control and initiate commands into the server. Any time you or someone else needs to join your server, there will be a need for activation since it may be offline. This is done from the panel by clicking “Activate Server.”

You can also use the command by typing /join [your server name]. Many users have complained about the typing commands in initiating a request into the server. However, others love the fact you can circumvent email verification and other online setups. From your panel, you can then initiate console commands and activate plugins.

MineHut Payment Methods

MineHut works with credits, which you can purchase with credit cards, debits cards, PayPal. Users also get credits by voting. Voting is a way MineHut lets users contribute to the platform. This way, they get credits in return for votes. You can link your Minecraft account to the control panel and vote.

MineHut Reviews from Customers

Certainly, many customers and review sites will have only good things to say about the server. However, as we all know, there good and bad sides to everything. It would be fair game to bring them all to the table. So, let’s see what past and current have to say about the service.

Azif: Can you please fix your server. It keeps logging me out and won’t let me log in. What’s worse is that I couldn’t even initiate a new account activation since the old one won’t let me in. I always get kicked out of the server. Can you please fix the problem as it takes ages to get back in?

William: Mastercrow from Reddit/316d It’s no news that free servers usually come with the challenge of hackers. But I’m still here since it’s free. More importantly, I’m with MineHut for the free advertising. You not only get a free server, but MineHut lets you have free access to online players, which is a good thing if you are just hosted your server. Hosting on any other server means you have to do more work to get players. I started my sever barely three weeks, and I now have 1000 new players on my server.

Minari: Lauren, one of MineHut’s support team, helped retrieve my lost world data, which has left me devastated for weeks. I’m happy. I commended the following when I contacted the support team, I received an immediate response, specific instructions on what to do, and an overall excellent service