CreeperHost Review

If you’re looking for a better gaming experience with all the safety that should come with it, CreeperHost is a one-stop hosting solution for your gaming server needs. They provide pretty good quality Minecraft servers and a custom-built panel that offers a smooth configuration of service.

In this CreeperHost review, to determine how well this server performs, we’ll take a look at the following criteria;

  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Performance
  • Available Games
  • Coupons and Promotions
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Reviews

CreeperHost Review 2021

CreeperHost brings in a one-stop server hosting service with a single-click install capability. You’d undoubtedly enjoy the ease of installing many software applications and games at once on the platform. CreeperHost operates differently from other similar service providers like Zap Hosting, BisectHosting, SurvivalServers, etc.

When it comes to game server slots, CreeperHost doesn’t let you pay for pre-arranged slot/plan. On the contrary, you pay for CreeperHost’s available resources and use them whichever way you like. This means that as CreeperHost crumbly runs over 60 services (including gamer server-hosting, database, web applications, and VoIP services), you’ll get access to all for your monthly fee.

In addition to being a quality Minecraft server, they’ve also built a great control panel that gives you the option to install additional software like Mumble, MySQL, and Apache. Technically, you get access to more services. You might only need to upgrade the resources as your needs change or become higher over time.


There are 14 options on this platform, starting from $3.44 to $75.95. Magma cube is the most affordable plan ($3.44), which features 2 CPUs, 750MB memory, and 3GB SSD. The most expensive plan is the Enderdragon, which offers 8 CPUs, 12GB memory, 100GB SSD. Other plans include Silverfish, Blaze, Creeper, Wither Skeleton, Skeleton, Zombie Pigman, Spider jockey, etc.

All CreeperHost’s packages offer cloud virtual dedicated server access and RAID-based data redundancy. You can further add other service options, like VoIP, database, and web applications.

CreeperHost Customer Support Options

Unlike Zap-hosting and a few other hosting platforms, CreeperHost understands clients may want a change their mind after buying into one of their plans. So, no hard feelings with this hosting service as you may get a full refund after a request. However, there’s a narrow window cash-back policy with CreeperHost, which you have to request within three days of the plan purchase.

If you don’t request in time, chances are, your money-back request may go untreated. What’s more, the company requires you to have a cogent reason why you are not satisfied with the hosting service. We guess you can’t just ask for a refund just because you want

your money back. CreeperHost promises prompt escalation of your complaint within the other hours. So, you’ll allow 72 hours for the company’s technical team to resolve your complaints.


Whether you’ve invested in a game server in the past or you are looking to jump into the train as a newbie, then you are lucky to be here. As you know, entering the servers of Minecraft or other games servers could mean exposing your IP to unsafe online activities. The good news is that CreeperHost impressively has servers throughout America, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. So support and safety services are available worldwide. After testing CreeperHost’s Zombie package, which features 3 CPUs, 2GB memory, and 20GB SSD, it ran smoothly. Of course, there were a few periods of server lag; however, they did not last long. Altogether, it was worth the price at $13.11. Although, you’ll get it cheaper if you compare it to PloxHost.

In terms of security, CreeperHost has an auto-crash recovery system, which protects your system from unexpected crash scenarios. Furthermore, the server-hosting service has an efficient protection feature against distributed denial-of-service attacks known as a DDoS migration.

Additionally, the performance of the CreeperHost server is matched with a 24/7 support service to ensure you get the needed help during periods of technical issues. What’s more, CreeperHost has a Discord community platform, where you and other gamers can interact, share ideas, resolve problems, and suggest ways to enjoy the hosting platform.

Games Available on CreeperHost

If you are looking for a game server hosting service with tons of options, CreeperHost is one of your best options.

Below are the available games on the platform. The list is almost endless, so this is only a few.

  • Modded Minecraft
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Valheim
  • Minecraft: Bedrock
  • Ark: Survival Evolved (steam)
  • Terraria
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Factorio
  • Unturned
  • StarBound
  • Gary’s mod
  • Counter-strike: Global Offensive
  • Rust
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Conan: Exiles
  • Vintage Story
  • Avorion
  • Star Made
  • Left for Dead 2
  • Hurtworld
  • Killing Floor 2

Offers, Coupons and Promotions

CreeperHost periodically runs promotional offers in the form of discounts. These offers can come up seasonally or otherwise. The last promotional offer was in the Easter season, where a 60% offer was given in VPS services. The promo covered both new orders and existing users who needed an upgrade.

Control Panel

Many server-hosting service providers usually operate with a control panel known as multicraft. On the other hand, CreeperHost comes in with a custom-made control panel designed in-house. However, similar to cPanel operation, CreeperHost’s custom-designed panel offers users control of their servers from a single location.

Even more, the control panel allows greater customization, backup creation, liberty to install multiple games, etc. Note that the platform doesn’t support cPanel like another service like Fragnet, which offer TCAdmin or sometimes Multicraft.

CreeperHost Payment Methods

The payment platforms on CreeperHost include PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc. If you initiate a refund and it’s approved, you might need to wait for at least three working days to get value. In the case of PayPal, credit, and debit cards, refunds are made to the source of the original payment. However, payment from other sources or methods will be returned as an account credit.

CreeperHost Reviews from Customers

No doubt, many customers and review sites will have only good things to say about the server. However, as we all know, there good and bad sides to everything. It would be fair game to bring them all to the table.

Beatz: I’ve been using CreeperHost for four months and didn’t experience any downtime. However, I did not have a need for it as I stopped paying for over two months. I initiated a service cancellation move, but they won’t let me get off without charging me for another month’s subscription. This money-grabbing technique is not acceptable.

Catherine: Excellent. The service is amazing, and the support is timely. They walked me through every step, which was what someone like me needed. The server performance is great, too but there were a few periods I noticed downtime in operation. However, the customer service person was quick to resolve my problem. I got back to enjoying my game in no time. Altogether, it’s not bad, and I’ll be staying with CreeperHost until I stop playing Minecraft. I can’t say the same for the price because I saw some cheaper options. Still, the service is a five-star for me.

Russell Richardson: Worth the Money. Trust me, there are cheaper options out there, but the extra cost is worth it for me. When I needed to host a mod pack that was unsupported, the support team came through, which was impressive. I was able to set up and enjoy myself. At some point, I started having connectivity challenges while using CreeperHost’s service. The support team came in quickly and were helpful in resolving the issue. I’ve had a couple of reasons to call the support team against. Take it from me when I say the experience has always been amazing.