How To Install Plugins With Minecraft Server Hosting

Making the best Minecraft server isn’t easy, you need players, good user experience and likely need Buycraft/Tebex, another important feature is getting the best Minecraft server hosting.

Installing the right plugins with your Minecraft server is very important, not only does it improve your player experience it can improve your speed.

Some of the most popular plugins within Minecraft are ‘Essentials’ which have basic commands you’ll find on most servers as well as plugins that different your servers like Holographic Displays or WorldEdit.

Plugins we’d recommend are ShopKeepers and WorldBorders.

Install Multicraft

Multicraft is a software that helps you manage your Minecraft server or multiple servers. Multicraft can help the whole process and is free if your player limit is below 10, but you’ll have to pay $9.90 for an unlimited Multicraft license.

Multicraft can help you manage and install your plugins or maps, you really need to install multicraft or a similar game server control panel.

It’s almost as simple as installing Buycraft or Tebex, the best game server hosting providers for Minecraft will include this as standard, but, if you’re using a dedicated server to set up your Minecraft server you’ll need to either contact support or do it yourself.

Find The Plugin of Your Choice

As mentioned above, ShopKeepers, WorldBoarders, Fractions as well as BuycraftX are all great plugins you’ll need to set up a great server, dependent on the type of your Minecraft server, if it is Vanilla or a Minigame server.

There are different types of Minecraft servers like:

  • Survival
  • Hardcore PVP
  • Faction
  • Roleplay
  • Creative
  • Vanilla
  • Hunger Games
  • Prison

Most of these you can easily find on Minecraft, with the most popular being Faction/Survival servers. There are some of the popular Minecraft servers like ‘Mineplex’ and ‘Hypixel’ which both seem very popular, but if you look at the Survival and Faction servers combined they all have bigger player bases.

So pretty much all you need to do is choose what type of server you’re wanting to make and find the correct maps and plugins.

Use the following steps

Use the following steps to install Multicraft:

  • Download the Multicraft Installer
  • Expand the installer
  • Go to the Multicraft Directory and execute this script ‘cd multicraft/
  • Execute the script ‘./

The interactive script will be launched to prompt you to set up multiple choices. If a Multicraft licence has been purchased, enter it on request. You can press return to pick the default option, with several exceptions, when you are not sure about what options to choose.