How To Generate Money from your Terraria Server Hosting

Terraria has become a popular game or alternative game to Minecraft, with one of the biggest gaming YouTubers ‘PewDiePie’ showcasing the game to his fans. After this event, millions of downloads occurred and millions rented their server with the best Terraria server hosting providers.

Generally, the best game hosting providers offer Terraria due to its popularity and simplicity.

Game hosts like Survival Servers and GameServers have custom-built control panels which allows the entire process of building your server easy.

Another important aspect to ensure that players like your Terraria server and thus possibly donate to it, it ensuring that you have good plugins/mods and management, we also suggest that you set up a free site for a forum or possibly an area of information about the server.

Finding The Right Terraria Server Hosting

Ensuring performance and gameplay experience is really down to the Terraria hosting you choose and depends on the budget.

Host Havoc, Survival Servers, PingPerfect, and RoxServers are all very rated highly in terms of Terraria. Ensuring that your performance and other aspects need to be met in order to generate any type of income or donation.

Prices start at $0.70/Slot from Host Havoc and RoxServers starting at $0.58/Slot, which both are reasonably competitive and don’t comprise too much in the cheapness of the Terraria hosting.

Donations, Renting and Generating Money from Terraria

Games such as Minecraft and Rust have superior systems like Tebex that allow donations to the server, usually in the return of in-game items, which is against game rules, however, this is had to monitor and Mojang/Game developers could risk losing their player base due to servers being the biggest part of the above games.

Generating money from Terraria isn’t exactly like Minecraft and Rust, Tebex hasn’t added support to Terraria, so you’ll have to likely design your own design system using

But overall if your Terraria server player base is loyal and how dedicated they are to you and the server, it’s likely if they love your server and it’s experience.