Making Money From Your CS GO Server Hosting

Making money from your CSGO server isn’t easy, it isn’t like Minecraft or Terraria where you can accept donations and give items in return. And if you’re looking at the best CS GO server hosting, this can be expensive if you aren’t receiving donations/money.

To ensure the quality of your CS GO server, you need to meet various requirements such as FPS speed, Good CSGO server hosting, a website and more information.

Also, you need to ensure that your CS GO server is modded to ensure user experience and performance management, reduce hackers and more.

Finding the Best CS GO Server Hosting

Before accepting any type of currency, you need to make sure your players get something in return, at the very least a very good CS GO server, this will result in more donations, renting and making money from your CS GO Server.

GameServers is currently voted as the best cs go server hosting providers along with Host Havoc, Rox Servers and PingPerfect.

Prices start form around $0.59 and come up to $1.12 with GameServers, GameServers performs decently in terms of CSGO hosting and GameServers reviews are excellent. After all, you need decent performance and other features at some of the best game hosting companies provide.

Donations, Renting and Money Making from CS GO

Donations, renting any some other forms of generating money from your CS GO server are key points to be observed. Games like Minecraft and Terraria has valid donation systems such as Tebex/Buycraft, which accept donations and, in turn, immediately give the player in-game items.

Renting Your Server For a Clan Match

Many CSGO Clans will have occasional clan matches, which the clan doesn’t have a server will, in turn, rent your server for a limited amount of time.

These renting prices can go from $5-15 a day, which is a decent return on your server hosting price of around $15-20 a month at a decent package, this renting price can be much more dependent on the requirements of the clan match.