How To Generate Money From Your Minecraft Server

The first step is setting up your server, making great user experience and installing maps, plugins and more to attract users to your website

Once you’re happy with your Minecraft server, you need to follow these steps:

Choosing The Right Game Server Hosting Provider

Finding the best game hosting provider is important to retain players, if your server is slow they’ll likely leave out of frustration. Although looking at servers like 2B2T, we see a lot of lag and a large player base.

SurvialServers, HostHorde and McProHosting all perform brilliantly in the best Minecraft server hosting providers.

Add Your Minecraft Server to PlanetMinecraft

To make money from your Minecraft server, you’ll need to attract players. You can do this by adding your Minecraft server to websites like PlanetMinecraft and MinecraftServers list. These have millions of page views per month and attract many players to your server.

Adding your server to websites like these can attract players thus generating profit. Adding to this, these listings are completely free.

This is an important part of gaining players, as said, you can gain players by adding your Minecraft server for free, but you can also sponsor different area.

Make Sure Your Server Is Fast

As mentioned above, speeding up your server can be a part of the hosting provider you choose, dependent on the server locations, game server control panel, server hardware. Again, the server hardware is an important area as well as having a 1Gbps port, which is fairly standard now.

The performance of the server can improve your player retention, as mentioned.

Setup Buycraft

When making a Minecraft server and want to make a profit, you’ll need to setup a system like Buycraft, this platform allows your players to purchase items, ranks or anything else you want to sell on your server, usually in-game items or anything related.

This automates the entire process, once Buycraft confirms the payment it automatically processes the command you specify, for example, give [name] rank.

Buycraft makes everything much more simple.