Streamline Servers Review


Looking at our Streamline Servers review, you’ll see what Streamline Servers has to offer from its control panel to the game server host performance. And we’ll also Streamline server reviews from customers.

The hosting provider has been around since 2007 working on their user experience and overall service.

Streamline servers has a very ‘game’ theme to it, which is obviously a pro when you want to find the best game server hosting provider.

Streamline Servers Review

Looking at Streamline servers, they have some decent features that stand out. Their control panel is TCAdmin 2 which is not as good as some of the custom control panels from SurvivalServers, or GameServers.

Streamline Server’s support definitely stands out when we tested it, we reached out via support and asked some basic questions with them replying quickly back, answering them all correctly and professionally.

They also mention their dedication to providing a brilliant experience with contacting Streamline and their support staff.

Speaking about server specifications, we see some very powerful hardware on all their servers using Xeon e5 CPU series.

Streamline also rent dedicated servers and VPS for those wanting to start a very large server with 150+ player bases or web hosting.

They also include payment methods like Bitcoin and Paypal, which we’ll discuss down below.

Games Available from Streamline Review

Looking at games available on Streamline servers, they offer a very large number of games. From ARMA 3 to ARK: Survival Evolved. Here is a list of the most popular times at Streamline Servers:

  • ARMA 3
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • CSGO
  • Rust
  • Atlas
  • Squad
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Minecraft

Obviously, this is not all the games available on Streamline servers, they have some really rare games like Ylands and The Isle. Streamline has the game for you if that’s Minecraft or ARMA 3.

Server Locations

As for server locations, Streamline servers have a wide range of locations all across the planet from North America, Canada to Oceania. All these locations improve performance base on where your players are joining from.

Here is a list of all locations:

  • Chicago, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • Over 6 more in the USA
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil 
  • Netherlands, Holland
  • Paris, France
  • Numerburg, Germany
  • London, England
  • Hong Kong
  • China

These locations will also definitley cover your player-base, if not they should have decent performance compared to other gamers. They’re Australian based, however,  they have server locations worldwide as mentioned above.

Streamline Servers Features

There’s multiple reasons to choose Streamline servers, they have automated server setup, DDoS Protection, fast support, network status on control panel and large amount of server locations. 

DDoS protection is really a must for game hosts, that’s really why all the best game server hosting providers have this feature. This stops from your server being attacked and stop any downtime.  

Linking to DDoS, the server locations, as we mentioned above, are as expected for a hosting provider like this. They cover almost every continent across the planet. And you can switch to which location you need for your player-base. 

They currently use TCAdmin which on the paid game server control panel is very good but compared to some custom control panels on game server hosting providers like Survival Servers or GameServers.

Streamline has strongly mentioned their dedication to fast and reliable support, they also mention they it should be easy to contact support and get a quick reply.

Streamline Server Reviews from Customers

Jurana K: Fantastic client service, VERY fast and informative responses to help tickets. While I was new to Ark server hosting, their support was fantastic and they helped me set up the server, definitely the best.

DonkyBoy: I’ve got and had many Streamline Server game servers over the past 7 years, with quick access to very supportive staff and game servers that don’t suck like so many other providers.

Pat: A trusted business, they always respond to the unavoidable problems with their servers in a very fair amount of time. Confidently deal with them.

Winter, Tyson: A few years ago I was with Streamline and wanted to return after I had wanted to work on the Garry’s Mod small game server. I assume they will still be number one for the best server provider even after years.

Jones, Saxon: Throughout the years I’ve been running many servers with Streamline servers and never had a problem that was not fixed. The assistance also helped me reach a successful result, whether it was a refund, credit or simply the repair of the server.

Steven Barfield: I have seen the price of streamline and wanted a gmod server, but it was poor engineering what I soon noticed. As I wanted to turn it into a dark rp that I built in mod installer.