Best Starbound Server Hosting

Look at our Best Starbound Server Hosting List, we've reviewed nearly 100 different hosting providers worldwide we've sorted them by performance, price and customer support to find the best hosting provider.

Best Starbound Server Host

Plan Slots: 10







  • • EU & US Locations
  • • NVM SSD Storage
  • • 24/7 Support


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • SSD Storage
  • • Custom Panel
  • • 15+ Locations


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Custom Panel
  • • 20+ Locations


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • Free Web Hosting
  • • NVMe SSD Storage
  • • Ultra-fast Processors


Per MonthPer Slot


  • • Intel NVMe SSDs
  • • 10Gbps DDoS Protection
  • • Full FTP Access


Per MonthPer Slot


If you’re looking for the best Starbound server hosting, we’ve made a comprehensive list of all the best server hosting providers for Starbound. Starbound has become increasingly popular due to it’s the similarity to Terraria.

Starbound is a great game and can become even more entertaining while playing with friends or other Starbound players.

Thankfully, there is plenty of the best Terraria server hosting providers that also provide Starbound, which due to their similarities indicate a high-quality service.

The Best Starbound Server Hosting

When looking for the best Starbound server hosting, you need to look at a couple of features such as DDoS Protection, modpacks and mod management, customer support, performance and definitely price.

We’ve selected Host Havoc as our ‘Best Starbound Server Hosting‘ provider, Host Havoc is one of the best game hosting providers around and provides a brilliant service across all the games they provide.

Also, Host Havoc’s pricing for Starbound isn’t too bad either compared to other games. This is due to its low resource and usage making slots much cheaper.

The Cheap Starbound Server Hosting

Both GameServers and Host Havoc are moderately cheap starting at $0.75 per slot, which is definitely decently priced when looking at some other games. Just to note, GameServers starts at $0.79 per slot.

Many customers will look at the cheapest option when looking for the best game hosting for their game, with both Host Havoc and GameServers we see a very cheap option with great service and brilliant server locations to increase your performance.

Free Starbound Server Hosting

At the end of the day, there really isn’t any provider that has fully free hosting, but, there is some game server hosting providers that have free trails for a total of 48 hours.

Host Havoc and GTX Gaming have free trials that allow you to host your own Starbound server. If you’d like a free Starbound server, then visit the websites above on our ‘Buy now’ links. 

As it’s not free, after the trial I might want to actually rent a server from either Host Havoc and GTX Gaming, as it’s generally quite cheap. 

Modded Starbound Server Hosting

A big element of Starbound is the great number of mods available on the game and many want to be able to play with friends with this great array of mods. Some of the best hosting providers have custom control panels that allow for easy mod management, with some providing brilliant modpacks with ‘one-click installs’