Nitrous Networks Review


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In our Nitrous Networks Review, we cover everything Nitrous Networks has to offer including Nitrous Networks Reviews from Customer within 2020.

Everything from their game panel, customer support, server hardware, promo codes and coupons along with their games available. 

Nitrous Networks Review

At Nitrous Networks they cover some decent games, have powerful hardware, use TCAdmin unfortunately. However, Nitrous Networks does have instant setup and a very simple billing system. Overall, Nitrous Networks is a moderate game server hosting provider, it performs fairly in each test, so definitely not the best game server hosting provider.

But, mentioning on their game server control panel, they actually do have a custom control panel for their Minecraft server hosting options, which is very well suited to Minecraft, and is questionably the better than the famous ‘Multicraft.’

Nitrous Networks announced they have hosted over 200,000 servers and have roughly 4,000 online as of the time of publication. They also mentioned in a release their ticket response time is averaging 29 minutes. 

The hosting provider has some decent hardware on their servers with SSD storage and some decent specifications we’ll discuss down below, but the servers include v5 Xeon series E3 and E5. 

In 2016, Nitrous Networks received Best European Game Server Hosting Network award in the 2016 Telecoms Awards! Which mentioned their superior DDoS protection. 

Nitrous Networks also host Teamspeak and Discord servers which means you can host both a game server and a voice server in one place. 

Nitrous Server Hosting Features

As for features, Nitrous Networks has some decent ones, with their NITROPanel which is only available on Minecraft hosting which is far superior and looks much cleaner than Multicraft and has better features generally.

The NITROPanel even has a map installer and has a ‘dedicated server manager’ which allows you to set up multiple servers on a dedicated server.

Nitrous also can set up a Bungee Cord server if you have 3 servers with the host, you can do this by buying 3 separate servers or buying a dedicated server with them. 

Their superior Minecraft hosting game panel allows you to install mod-packs with one click, a list of maps and much much more all from one panel. In terms of control panels available for Minecraft, NITROPanel is very superior.

When you purchase a server with Nitrous Networks, you get a free domain, yes, free of charge. 

You can also pay for your server with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Credit & Debit card, American Express and also Bitcoin via Bitpay. All of these options should suit you, especially that of PayPal.

Games Available at Nitrous Networks

As for games, Nitrous Networks has over 30 games available, which isn’t much compared to other hosting providers like GTXGaming, but they have the most popular games available. 

Here is a list of the most popular games at Nitrous Networks: 

  • Minecraft
  • Garry’s Mod
  • CSGO
  • Rust
  • Terraria
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Unturned
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Space Engineers 
  • ARMA 3
  • Conan: Exiles

So, all these games are listed on Nitrous Networks, but they also have a section where you can request for another game to be listed on their website.

Nitrous Networks Server Locations

This hosting provider has multiple server locations, which some are their own. The more locations a server host has the better performance you’ll see from your overall player base. Especially if your players are generally placed all around the world.

Here is a list of Nitrous Networks Server Locations: 

  • London, Europe
  • Amsterdam, Europe
  • Falkenstein, Europe
  • Quebec, North America
  • Ashburn, VA, North America
  • Atlanta, GA, North America
  • Phoenix, AZ, North America
  • Buffalo, NY, North America

It’s not the largest list we’ve seen on, but this list covers the most popular areas your player base will be in. If you want more locations like at a hosting provider like GTX Gaming or GameServers.

Nitrous Networks Promo Code

At the moment, Nitrous Networks has a decent amount of promo codes, they sometimes have 50% and even 75%, promo codes are attached via cookies, so when you visit our website and then visit Nitrous Networks, the promo code will automatically be applied to your intended server purchase.  

Again, we’ve had promotion codes at range from 10% off to 75% off, depends on the time and occasion. 

Nitrous Networks Reviews From Customers

For the GMod servers, Ark, and now Terraria, I have used Nitrous Networks. When I reached out to add relevant mods or other questions, customer service always was fast and fantastic. The service was just amazing and I couldn't recommend it more. I personally would like to give other people who want to modulate the above servers themselves because they can be overwhelming for the first time.
Verified Customer
Rude and the thieves refuse to refund after their team screwed up my server and I don't recommend you host someone else, don't choose this host
Shaun Ctena
Verified Customer
Super quick, incredibly and helpful service
Shaun Ctena
Verified Customer