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Look at our best Empyrion Galactic server hosting List, we've reviewed nearly 100 different Rust hosting providers worldwide we've sorted them by performance, price and customer support to find the best hosting provider for Rust.

We also have a separate list for the cheapest Empyrion Galactic server hosting provider.

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When finding the best Empyrion Galactic Survival server hosting you need to look out a couple of features as well as determine the best price and value for money to play Empyrion Galactic with your friends or start a huge server for everyone to play.

Empyrion Galactic is produced by Eleon Game Studios and is set in a 3D space and allows the player plenty of customization. With hundreds of planets offers the user a different point of view on each one, along with new creatures, resources, and new discoveries, and gives you a reason to explore each and every planet. 

Plenty of players enjoy inviting their friends along with them to explore the planets, you can travel with your friends on a ship and let all the creativity flow. You’ll need to find an Empyrion Galactic server host first and then invite your friends or even advertise your server to the public.

We go through the best options for server hosting and which hosting provider should suit your interests, for us, Host Havoc is definitely the best in terms of price and performance resulting in great value for money.

Best Empyrion Galactic Server Hosting

In terms of looking for the Best Empyrion Galactic server hosting, Host Havoc is by far the best hosting provider for Empyrion Galactic and has great prices and is newly established and has proven a great hosting provider for pretty much all games, and also is brilliant when finding the best Ark server hosting provider.

Here is a list of the best Empyrion Galactic Server Hosting:

  • Host Havoc
  • Rox Servers
  • PingPerfect
  • GTX Gaming

As mentioned above, Host Havoc excels in every area as a hosting provider for Empyrion Galactic Survival. Empriomn Galactic is a very popular game and it’s a multiplayer variation, which is very popular similar to the popularity of multiplayer on Minecraft and Rust.

How We Determine the Best Empyrion Galactic Server Hosting

When looking for the best hosting provider for Empryion Galactic, we apply a strict set of rules for the hosting provider, when applied and the hosting provider passes the test to a certain degree gets boosted in the ranking, seen above, here is the list of the criteria we apply to the hosting providers:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Modifications & Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

We also sometimes include discounts and coupon codes, however, these don’t actually add to the quality of the hosting provider, and obviously can be manipulated.

Hosting providers are re-reviewed once a year to each game, seen all our rankings are individually applied and can’t be automated since the hosting providers don’t have any APIs with prices, etc, so even prices need to be constantly changed.

Best Empyrion Galactic Server Features 

Empyrion Galactic is a fairly new game and finding a host with good features is important. Some important features include 24/7 Support and Automatic setup. 

Here is a list of features you should look at for: 

  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant Setup/Automatic
  • DDoS Protection 
  • Performance (CPU, RAM, etc) 
  •  Price Per Slot 
  • Mods/Plugins 
  • Backups 
  • Payment methods 

All of these features are included among the hosts we list here. 

A lot of readers of BestGameHosting want to know about the support of each host, so we review each and every game host to ensure that they can help you when needed. A lot of our readers are setting up their server new and may need some, you shouldn’t need to wait 12 hours for help from a server provider. 

Server Hosting History – Empyrion Galactic  

Some of the best hosting providers are offering Empyrion, due to it’s relation to the popular game Space Engineers. And with more game hosting providers the cheaper the packages get due to competition, so you can find fairly cheap slots.

Plenty of game hosting providers up their prices on a game where creating your server is easier, whereas competition lowers this. 

Similar Games to Empyrion Galactic

  • Space Engineers 

Space Engineers is the closest connection to Empyrion Galactic and shares a lot of similar features. Space Engineers started out as a space ship game and slowly developed into a universe game. 

They also included things like health, weapons, and some other features over the years, Space Engineers is a more developed version of Empyrion Galactic. So all in all, some of the best hosts for Empyrion Galactic hosts are the best Space engineer server hosts.

  • Minecraft 

Although it doesn’t sound like it, Minecraft shares some similarities to Emyprion Galactic. With Minecraft having endless creativity while also having a craft and survival aspect. Empyrion Galactic is a space-based Minecraft, so we recommend them both.  

With plugins and textures that alter the quality of the graphics, the game can turn into something that you want. The Minecraft group of players is astronomical. You will find servers that are linked all at once to thousands of people. In other games, this type of game is unheard of.

  • Hellion 

Another similar game is Hellion, however, it lacks in the space building aspect of Empyrion Galactic. You can explore plenty of environments in Hellion similar to Empyrion, and with friends. 

However, the game has only recently come out of development. So bugs and some features aren’t yet included, so Empyrion Galactic has been around for a while.