About Us

About Us

BestGameHosting.net is a leading comparison and review website for all things game hosting. Our guides, reviews and comparison all are consistently reviewed with our ‘key performance areas.’ Here is our list of requirements to meet no.1 on our list: 

  • Price
  • Performance (SSDs, Processors)
  • Mods & Plugins
  • Range of Games (Depends on Review)
  • Customer Support
  • Server Locations
  • Time since founded
  • Online reviews

All of these areas we watch out for and test, we also visit forums like Reddit, Steam and Trust Pilot to see what customers are saying about their service.

We are constantly keeping track of games, hosting prices, features of hosting providers such as price or performance. Unfortunately, with prices, performance and other aspects of our reviews are automated or have live data so we are required to constantly change this.

Best Game Hosting has recorded the most viewed games as Ark, Minecraft, Rust, CSGO and Gary’s Mod. Not many can get bored of the likes of Minecraft, so overall it’s our most popular hosting game.

Most of our readers are looking to rent a server for their favorite game, some are looking to play with friends while some are researching to make sure the next big server can host a thousand players.

Our readers range from 18-24 and occasionally above, this might be parents visiting the website to ensure that they’re paying the right price for their children’s game server hosting.

How Do You Determine Your Server Hosting Data?

We spend hours of time researching and negotiating prices for our readers, we try to get an exclusive coupon for our loyal readers.

We are constantly changing our prices and features sections on our guides.

Who Manages BestGameHosting.net?

We’re managed by a team of game lovers! – A lot of our writers have worked both in the IT industry, game industry and worked for some hosting companies such as HostGator and GoDaddy.

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